Is sexual orientation change possible? – How to successfully stop being gay

imageMy previous article explored how God does not appear to “heal” homosexuals into heterosexuals and examined the possible reasons as to why people are gay. As an extension to the topic, I would like to briefly demystify the cases which have portrayed the illusion that sexual orientation change is possible. Many ex-gay groups and reparative therapy clinics have claimed that “thousands have left homosexuality.” This allegation has destroyed many lives, physically and emotionally. It has given unwarranted ammunition to individuals who use it to condemn gay people. It has also misled many gay people with unwanted same-sex attraction to believe that they can become straight. I will now highlight several problems that keep this gross misconception in circulation.

Definition of “gay”
The first problem with those who claim to be “ex-gay” is the definition of “gay” itself. To the majority of English-speaking society, it is known that gay (or homosexual) means “someone who has romantic attraction towards the same gender.” As noted in Justin Lee’s new book Torn, the ex-gay movement has played a sneaky trick with the definition of gay without admitting that they redefined it. Leaders of the ex-gay movement haveimage redefined “gay” and “homosexual” as meaning “someone who has sex with the same gender.” They don’t believe in orientation and only define it as a sexual behavior. Therefore, saying someone is “ex-gay” just means someone who isn’t participating in same-gender sex. As I’ve previously noted in another article, this would be like saying that a celibate heterosexual is an “ex-straight.” Given the common definition of “straight” as someone with romantic attraction towards the opposite gender,” one would then assume that an “ex-straight” was in fact gay, just as it would seem an “ex-gay” is now straight. Neither are true. But with this redefinition of gay, a celibate homosexual can claim “freedom from homosexuality” because they are abstaining from gay sex while still continuing to have attractions to the same gender.

The mirage of success rates
Like the re-definition of “gay,” ex-gay groups and reparative therapists have also redefined “success.” If you heard that someone had been “successfully delivered from homosexuality,” you would most likely assume that they no longer experienced same-sex attractions. There is a major dilemma with this statement that goes beyond the previous re-definition of “gay” as “having gay sex.” In my recent search for the truth, I have had several conversations with a very famous reparative therapist. After probing for answers, it came to light that he admitsimage credit - Mikhaela Reid  that “success is in the eye of the beholder.” For some, “success” is defined as “having a minimal (very small) reduction in same-sex attractions.” On a personal note, I believe that anyone can have a small reduction in their attractions (gay or straight) if they simply refocus their attention on something else besides the people around them. For me, this would not make the person any less gay or straight. If the goal of reparative therapy is to rid oneself of their homosexuality, than having a minimal reduction in their same-sex attraction is not true success. Despite this, a client who experiences a small reduction in their attraction is considered a success! Furthermore, if one looks deeply at the studies, the “success” of gay-to-straight change is even more deceptive. I recently read one study that considered sexual orientation change a success if the person was able to have heterosexual sex without thinking of the same-gender for more than 20 seconds at a time… So if they thought of the same gender every 21 seconds while having opposite gender sex, they were included in the gay-to-straight statistics as being a success! Of course we see rare cases that make it appear on the surface as if some have in fact transformed from gay to straight, but I will get into that a bit later…

Praise for the unseen
One of the main advocates of Homosexuals Anonymous has promoted a religious tactic to keep themselves from feeling gay, yet it is very deceptive to the ones around them that don’t understand their intention. It is taught that rather than praying for themselves not to be gay, they should instead claim that they are heterosexual because “God has already conquered the sin of homosexuality.” This is the same concept as a sick person with cancer claiming that they are already healed, as they believe in faith that this will be the outcome. They imagethank and praise God for healing them and claim it to be true because they believe it will be true in the future. I don’t personally see anything wrong with believing in faith that God will do a good work and thanking Him in advance (as long as it is in His Will), but to claim heterosexuality in hopes that God will change them to become heterosexual in the future is nearly the same as me claiming to be a multi-billionaire in hopes that God will provide me with mass amounts of money. (Note that I do not have this wish nor do I claim it.) This idea is more like the “law of attraction” which attempts to manifest a desired outcome by gratitude and visualization. When we see a homosexual claiming heterosexuality out of belief it will be true in the future, this does not mean they have changed from gay to straight.

Rejection of the LGBT label
Also confusing to the outsider is the rejection of calling oneself “gay.” Some people just want to rid themselves of being labeled with a certain imagegroup and that’s fine. But when a person claims that they “no longer identify as gay,” this does not mean that they no longer are attracted to the same gender. But when one hears this statement, it most certainly could be confused as someone who is no longer gay. Furthermore, it seems that ex-gay groups see “the gay lifestyle” as one of promiscuous anonymous sex. Although this may be true for some, we really can’t chalk up the entire “lifestyle” as having a bunch of anonymous gay sex. Calling it a lifestyle to begin with gives it a deceptive image that we are all the same. No one says someone is living in the “straight lifestyle” because everyone knows that heterosexuals all have many different ways to living; some married, some single, some promiscuous, some celibate, etc. It is the same for the homosexual.

Is “change” possible?
Thus far, we have explored the very surface of this issue. Going deeper now I will explore those who truly appear to have changed their sexuality in some way. Let me first distinguish something so there is no confusion. There are many gays and lesbians who decide to live in a heterosexual marriage because they believe that it is God’s only design for partnership. Many times these are called “Mixed-Orientation Marriages,” or “MOM.” These people are living very conflicted lives, as they do not have attraction to their spouse and still have same-gender attraction, but choose not to act upon it. This encompasses the majority of heterosexual-looking marriages between a gay and heterosexual spouse. With these, no change in orientation is present.


The most rare category we see is the person who has outwardly identified as gay and then marries an opposite-sex spouse and claims that they are truly attracted to them and sometimes other opposite-sex people. These are the rare instances that make it appear that change is possible and are different from the mixed-orientation marriages. So is “change” possible? Re-define the word “change,” and yes. If change means going towards something that already existed previously, then yes. If change means going from an innate exclusive homosexual orientation to an exclusive heterosexual orientation, than no. Let me explain…

imageI have been doing a lot of studying into these types of relationships and really trying to see what they are all about. There are similarities between these people that explain how they didn’t truly “change,” but rather went towards something that existed previously. In all the cases I have studied, there are at least one of two things present in their life stories:
For most, they admit to already having opposite-sex attractions from an early age, but had stronger same-sex attractions. To anyone this would be obvious that they are bisexual, but preferred the same-sex. When entering reparative therapy, they try to increase their “heterosexual potential.” This is just choosing to be with an opposite-sex partner rather than a same-sex partner. So as you can see, there is no change, but a shifting towards exclusive heterosexual behavior (not attraction.)
The second thing we nearly always see in these life stories is someone who was massively sexually abused as a child. Many try to blame all homosexual orientation on being molested, but as I’ve stated before, I have never been molested and neither have most of the gays and lesbians that I know. However, it seems that in these rare cases, sometimes heterosexuals are molested and it might influence them to sexualize the same-gender. After working through their sexual abuse, they might have a reemergence of their innate heterosexual feelings. This is not to say that all gays that were molested are actually heterosexual. It just depends on what existed first. Sometimes homosexuals are molested and remain homosexual. What is not known is if some who appear heterosexual are actually homosexual but were molested which swayed them to have opposite-gender attractions.
In both of these two instances, the potential for heterosexual attraction previously existed, therefore this only gives an illusion of actual change. But if someone never had heterosexual potential to begin with, one can not increase something that was never there in the first place. Furthermore, in ALL of these cases, not one claimed to have zero same-sex attractions even after marrying and being attracted to their opposite-sex spouse. In every case, their same-sex attractions remained at some level, therefore no one has changed from exclusively homosexual to exclusively heterosexual.

imageSo overall, most of it comes down to semantics. If we secretly re-define “gay,” “change” and “success,” we can see that gays can successfully change (when gay=gay sex, success=small reduction in attraction and change=increasing innate heterosexual/bisexual orientation.) But if we take on their intended and widespread definitions, than gays do not successfully change. When we pull back the curtain, we can see that the only thing behind it is word-tricks and things that already existed.

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If God is against my homosexuality, than why won’t He heal me to be heterosexual?

There has been a question on my mind lately that I have also heard from many that struggle with their homosexuality as a Christian. Many gay and lesbian Christians have diligently prayed and spent many hours for years asking God to “deliver” them from their homosexuality. Many have asked God to transform them to have heterosexual attractions so that they can live in what they believe to be God’s plan and natural design for marriage between a man and a woman. Likewise, many of their family members have reached out to God, asking that their loved one be transformed into their natural state of heterosexuality. When my parents first learned of my attraction to the same gender, a weekly church group was formed who fasted and prayed for me to escape homosexuality and be “restored” to heterosexuality. Despite all of these prayers and pleadings for change, all of the stories and valid studies that I have heard and read seem to come to the same result. None are “released” from their same-sex attractions and none develop true romantic feelings for the opposite gender. Even when gays and lesbians decide to marry the opposite sex, when probed for the truth, they admit that they do not have romantic feelings for their spouse equated with their same-gender attractions. So the question becomes, “If God is against my homosexuality, than why won’t He ‘heal’ me to be heterosexual?”

Before you jump the gun and say that “God doesn’t choose to heal ALL diseases, disabilities and addictions,” let me remind you that there is not a single valid case of an exclusive homosexual transforming into an exclusive heterosexual. Because we know that God is fully capable of doing anything He pleases, than the real question becomes, why has God chosen NOT to change homosexuals into heterosexuals? If homosexuality is unnatural and sinful and heterosexuality is natural and blessed, than why has God not given healing to those who ask in faith?

I feel like this question deserves an exploration of multiple options which requires us to question why one is homosexual in the first place? So first, let’s explore the possible reasons as to why individuals are gay and how those reasons correspond Biblically to Gods’ healing power. Note that I am going to explore all the options that I have heard and do not agree with most that I will list. (Please let me know if I leave anything out.) Also note when I use the words “gay,” “lesbian” or “homosexual,” I define it as someone who has exclusive attractions towards the same gender.

Reminder- Below are the eight possibilities as to why one is gay which will lead us to the possible answers as to why God doesn’t transform homosexuals into heterosexuals:

1) Human choice: If being gay is a choice, than this assumes that imagepeople are naturally heterosexual and make the conscious choice to be homosexual. If this were the case, than we wouldn’t even be asking my original question. It would seem that the person wouldn’t even struggle or need Gods help on the issue. They would just simply choose to be straight if this is what they wanted for their life just as easily as they chose to be gay. So if being gay is a choice, why then has not a single homosexual chosen to be heterosexual? (Note that no Biblical explanation is needed for this possible reason.)

2) Broad spectrum temptation: The majority of Christians view homosexuality as an unnatural sexual expression, a deviation from God’s design for sex, i.e. sin. This covers the understanding that sin is anything in opposition to God’s law of love and not doing harm. Some Christians say “homosexuality is a temptation just like any other sin such as the temptation to commit adultery, steal or lie.” I beg to differ. imageThe reason being is that the latter sins can be stopped despite the temptation. Not only that, but the person is born and able to act in opposition to their sin. The adulterer had the ability of loving their spouse or they wouldn’t have married in the first place. One couldn’t commit adultery without seeking the marriage to begin with, thus they have the natural capacity for committed love. The thief has the ability of keeping their hands to them self and not stealing. They are not stealing everything they come across and born without the capacity to not steal. The liar has the ability of telling the truth…. They are not lying every moment without the capacity to tell the truth. As I have stated before, the exclusively homosexual person does not have the ability to be attracted to the opposite gender. Due to this, homosexuality as just “a sinful temptation” is not comparable to any other sin. What human can completely stop themselves from loving? How can one compare love with harming people by cheating, lying, stealing and even murder? Romans 13:10 tells us that “Love does no harm to a neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.” So how then can love be a sin? [Side note: Please review my study on the alternate translations within Scripture which show how homosexuality as a whole is not condemned ]

3) Demon possession / oppression: Sadly, I have heard far too many Christians state that they believe that gay people are possessed by “a demon of homosexuality.” They assert that if the person admits they have a demon, than it can be easily cast out and they would become straight (assuming heterosexuality is everyone’s natural state)…image Curiously, these same people also claim that homosexuals are so evil and attached to their demons that they don’t willingly allow for the demon to leave, thus the exorcism of such demons are unsuccessful.
Many Bible verses can be found in which Jesus and His followers have the power through God to cast out demons. Usually it is by the request of a loved one that they be exercised, abandoning the possibility that one must want the demon gone for it to be cast out. It should be recognized that many successful healings of all kinds in the Bible were by the request of loved ones of the afflicted. Biblically we can see that God has given the power to humans through faith to cast out demons. So if homosexuality is a demon possessing or oppressing a person, than why hasn’t a single exorcism worked to make one heterosexual?

4) Mental illness: Although homosexuality was taken out of the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) in 1973, many Christians still believe that this is the problem. The practice of reparative or conversion therapy to rid oneself of homosexualimage attractions is still performed in most states. When one looks at the VALID data, it becomes clear that no complete transformation from homosexuality to heterosexuality is observed. The closest we come are those who are bisexual, already having the attraction to both genders, claiming “healing” because they chose to be with the opposite sex instead of the same sex. In all cases, same-gender attraction remained despite their choice to be celibate or partnered with either sex.
Biblically, we can see throughout the Scriptures that God calls us to cast our anxiety on Him and He will deliver us. Many have claimed that their relationship with God has strengthened them out of the pit of depression. Some even believe that several of the people who Jesus healed in the Bible suffered from serious mental illness. So we have Biblically established evidence that God has shown to heal some with mental illnesses. Knowing that God has the power to cure mental illnesses, than why hasn’t a single homosexual been cured (assuming that it is a mental illness.)?

5) Parental absence, gender inferiority, and trauma: [Added 01/10/14] Under the same umbrella of mental illness, psychological factors influenced by the childhood environment seem to be a popular reason to explain same-sex attraction. Most commonly, homosexuality is explained by being raised in an environment with an absent father. According to the U.S.image Census Bureau, 24 million children in America live in father-absent homes. This does not include the millions of fathers who are living with their family, but are emotionally absent. The Census Bureau also reports that around 9 million of the U.S. Population identifies as homosexual. If absent fathers are to blame for homosexuality, than why are the remaining 15,000,000+ heterosexual? Furthermore, many pro-ex-gay therapists claim that the fathers of gay males didn’t relate with their son which caused them to be gay. This seems like a confusion of which came first; the chicken or the egg. More than likely, heterosexual fathers didn’t relate with their son because they were gay. On a side note, I had a great relationship with my parents growing up and was close with both. In fact, nearly all of the gays and lesbians I know come from good solid homes. It was not until their sexuality was discovered that problems sometimes arose due to their opposition to homosexuality. A common tactic used by reparative therapists is to convince the gay client that their father was emotionally absent, even when they personally assert that their parental relationship was healthy. This twisting of perception can cause harm to the current parental relationship and puts unneeded blame on the parents of the same-sex attracted person. Additionally, if homosexuality is considered a sin, than why would God punish and condemn the child if it was caused by the wrong actions of the parent?
[Section added 01/14/14] Another deficit said to cause homosexuality is someone who experienced “gender inferiority” as a child and adolescent. The idea is that the homosexual needed to be loved and wanted by others of the same sex, but felt “different” and wasn’t able to fully relate to other heterosexuals of their gender. As the theory states, the only way they could express their need for relating to the same gender was by sexual means. The premise of ex-gay therapy in these cases is to build healthy non-sexual relationships with the same gender which will help them get in touch with their man/woman-hood and make them know how to act heterosexual. This may include playing football with males or putting on make-up and dresses with females. I recently saw a video of a gay man whose reparative therapy “action assignment” was to trim his trees and chat with muscle guys at the gym about women in order to get in touch with his masculine side. Supposing that homosexuality is caused by not “fitting in” with heterosexuals is once again a shifting of cause and affect. To the anti-gay, their homosexuality is caused by feeling different from their same gender peers. But could it be that they felt different from their same gender peers because they were gay? So it’s either “I am gay because I felt different,” or “I felt different because I am gay.” In my personal upbringing, I did not feel like I related to the heterosexual girls and did feel different from them. However, I didn’t sexualize my need for closeness with other females, as I always have had healthy non-sexual female relationships growing up. So to me, I felt like I didn’t relate with the heterosexual girls who had crushes on boys because I had crushes on girls. Sadly, this made me feel inferior because the majority of girls I knew were straight. For me, it would have been impossible for my inferiority to be the cause of my homosexuality because it was the affect of being a lesbian that caused me to feel inferior. So if being exclusively homosexual is caused by gender inferiority, than why doesn’t receiving affirmation from the same gender cause exclusive heterosexuality?
The other most popular supposed reason for homosexuality is being molested as a child. The logic is that if a boy is a abused by an adult man, they will grow up to be sexually attracted to males. Completely opposite, a girl that is abused by an adult man will grow up to be sexually attracted to females. So in the boys case, same-gender child abuse leads to same-gender adult orientation, but in the girls case, opposite-gender child abuse leads to same-gender adult orientation. The truth is that there are a lot of different outcomes to child abuse. They can be either heterosexuals, bisexuals or homosexuals. Some grow to be promiscuous and others in a monogamous relationship or celibate. In the very worst cases, they become adult child molesters themselves. Like parental relationships, child abuse does not seem to be a predictor of adult sexual orientation. Most of the gays and lesbians that I know were never abused as children. However, nearly every story that I have heard of a homosexual choosing to live in a heterosexual marriage despite their continued same-sex attractions have been massively abused as a child. It could very well be that in these particular cases, abuse led them to sexualize the same gender. If this is true, than perhaps they really would have been naturally heterosexual, so any perception of gay-to-straight change is just them going back to what they would have been without the abuse. (Note that I am NOT asserting that all same-sex attracted people who were molested are innately heterosexual, as many could have been gay despite the abuse.) This conflicted aversion to same-sex relationships is completely understandable, however should be distinguished from an act of child abuse.

Despite fatherly absence, inferiority issues and childhood trauma, many have grown to have healthy adult lives after working through their childhood deficits and processing their trauma. Millions of testimonies can be found online of adults working through these issues and attributing their emotional healing to their relationship with God. For those that lacked a healthy relationship with their earthly father, many find peace with the love and caring of their Heavenly Father. Likewise, through the horrific traumas caused by the sin of this world, God invites us to give our burdens to Him. Romans 8:15-17 states, “For you didn’t receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption, by whom we cry, ‘Abba! Father!’ The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are children of God; and if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint heirs with Christ; if indeed we suffer with him, that we may also be glorified with him.” Considering that so many claim restoration after parental deficits or childhood trauma, than why has God chosen not to also restore them to their natural intended sexuality (if heterosexuality is the only natural orientation)?

6) Disability: Many Christians see disabilities as an unnatural imagemutation, possibly “due to the fall of mankind.” Some Christians see homosexuality as a mental disability. Perhaps some problem in the brain has caused them to act in this “unnatural” manner. If we look to the Scriptures, we can see that Jesus and his disciples were given the power to heal people’s disabilities. Knowing that God has the power and is willing to cure disabilities, than why has there not been one instance of a gay person being cured to become a “natural” heterosexual?

7) Addiction: Some believe that homosexuality is simply an addiction. Many of the stories that you hear about gay people choosing to become celibate come from those who claim to have had a sexual addiction to gay sex. Stories of vast promiscuity and even prostitution is sometimes shared with these individuals. They are convicted to stop their behavior and believe that God has told them it is wrong to be gay. Theimage trouble with this belief is that their promiscuity and prostitution is most certainly wrong because it is physically and emotionally dangerous, but this does not mean that the fact that they were engaged in this behavior with the same gender is the reason for their conviction. I believe that many confuse their conviction to stop certain harmful behaviors with feeling that it is a conviction that being gay is wrong. They associate the promiscuity and/or prostitution or other addictions with homosexuality, ignoring what it might feel like to have a committed monogamous relationship.
Secondly and most importantly, homosexuality bares no resemblance to any addiction such as alcoholism or sex addiction. To become an alcoholic, one must drink. To become a sex addict, one must have sex. Although some may be genetically more “at risk” to become an alcoholic or addict (of anything), one does not “become” gay by having gay sex. Some gays go their whole lives in celibacy, but still experience attraction to the same gender.
Addiction is one of the most common forms of healing we see in our modern times. With all the church support groups and 12-step programs (“Homosexuals Anonymous” has 14 steps! to help those in struggle, we can see many cases of deliverance from TRUE addiction. One might argue that the urges remain with these addicts throughout their lifetime, but I can say from personal experience that The Lord has blessed me with zero urges to drink (having over 9 years of sobriety from alcohol.) Due to this, I know that complete deliverance from addiction is possible. With this in mind, if homosexuality is simply addiction, why can’t those “sober” (without a romantic relationship) stop feeling same-gender attraction?

8) Genetic/Biological: If being gay is biological and the person is born in the condition to make them attracted to the same gender, than it is fair to say that God would have to change their biological makeup togay baby make them heterosexual. Going back to the disability aspect, we can see that Jesus had given sight to those born blind and given hearing to those born deaf. So those born with any condition, genes or not, can be transformed into their natural intended state by the power of God. We know that many diseases are genetically based or formed in the womb. Jesus healed a multitude of people in the Gospels. It is not far-fetched to believe that Jesus could have healed those with genetically based conditions. On a side note, although a gay gene has yet to be discovered, science has uncovered that homosexuality could be related to the amount of certain hormones in the womb as well as inborn epigenetic influences that signal the brain. In addition, it has been recently uncovered that identical twins do NOT possess 100% identical DNA as previously thought. Many argue that there cannot be a gay gene since some identical twins are a gay twin and a straight twin. But the new research confirms that copy number variations in the twins DNA code have noted differences. Thus, the gay gene could still exist, but be more of a needle in a haystack to find. Psalms 139:13 states, “For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother’s womb.” We know that God has the power to bring the dead back to life and can do anything He pleases to do. Why then has He seemingly ignored the millions of prayers of gays who believe in faith and want to become straight?

The possible answers…

So we have established that God is capable and willing to cast out demons, cure mental illnesses, disabilities, addictions and genetic conditions (among many other healings.) After reviewing all the imageevidence, there are two possible answers to this difficult question. The first possible answer is that God hates homosexuals with such a passion that He refuses to listen to their prayers, even when they seek Him. Furthermore, not only does He ignore their prayers, but the prayers of those who love them. He refuses to make a way of escape for their abominable sin, leaving them without hope. Because one commits adultery even when they look at another with passion, than even if they remain celibate or marry the opposite sex, they are still sinning in the eyes of God by their longing of romantic affection for the same gender. God created homosexuals with their final destination in mind, which is eternal burning hell, whether they want to love Him or not. This is one possibility (which I do not believe at all!)

The second possible answer is that homosexuality is a natural variation of humankind and not in need of changing. We see in 1 Corinthians 10:13 “God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your strength, but with the tempting he will also provide the way of escape so that you may be able to endure it.” If there is no way of escaping homosexual attraction, than how can it be considered a sinful temptation if we are promised to be given a way out by the faithfulness of God? Gods very nature is to lead us NOT into temptation but deliver us from evil, so then how can we consider homosexuality a temptation of evil if God Himself provides no way of escaping it? Many have committed suicide due to not being able to change their homosexuality, so obviously this was more than they could handle.

imageFurthermore, in 1 Corinthians 7:8-9 we read “To the unmarried and the widows I say it is good for them to remain single as I am. But if they cannot exercise self-control, they should marry. For it is better to marry than to burn in passion.” Considering that celibacy is a Spiritual gift, those without the gift have a great need for romantic companionship. For the heterosexual, it is obvious that marriage is the “way out” from burning in passion. But what about for the homosexual? Marriage with an opposite sex spouse will not satisfy, but in fact do harm to the unloved spouse.

Could it be possible that the union of marriage between a man and woman in the Bible is a blueprint for same-gender couples? We see examples in the Old Testament of Gentiles following the commands of Moses and God has said to have accepted them due to their faith in following His commands despite them not being “the chosen” Jewish people by heritage. To the vast majority of Jews, any acceptance of Gentiles by God was a completely rejected concept just as we see the majority of mainstream Christians rejecting the notion that God could bless any gay relationship. Later in the Scriptures we see that Gods Word came “first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.” Similarly, could it be that the foundation of marriage as a life-long monogamous partnership be a model for same-sex couples as well? First to the heterosexual, then to the homosexual minority? Could it be that homosexuality as a whole is not condemned in the Bible, but rather harmful forms of homosexual sexual expression such as rape, prostitution, ritual sex, etc.? This would certainly explain why God has chosen NOT to answer the millions of prayers from gays and their loved ones pleading to become straight. The human race is saturated enough with sin which the grace of God delivers through the acceptance of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. So the bottom line and  final answer is this: Either His grace is sufficient or there must be nothing broken to fix.

To explore the alternate translations of the Bible passages that appear to condemn homosexuality, please visit To read about all the healings of Jesus, visit:

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U.S. gay teens sent to foreign reform camps

I thought that I’d heard it all when it comes to ex-gay ministries. The movie “But I’m a Cheerleader” shows the comedic side of ex-gay rehabs which exist in the U.S., but are dwindling since the closing of Exodus International. It has recently come to my attention that there exists several foreign ex-gay reform camps overseas in which U.S. parents can sign over the rights of their gay teens to be kept and held until they are “cured.” One such camp which is highlighted in the upcoming documentary, “Kidnapped for Christ,” is called “Escuela Caribe” in the Dominican Republic. This “Christian reform school” which resembles a prison camp is funded and run by the American organization, “New Horizons Ministries,” and represents just 1 out of 4 of their overseas programs that cater to eradicating homosexuality. (Note that these foreign “reform schools” also attempt to cure addiction, mental illness, defiant behavior, and even low grades…) These camps have been in operation since the 1980’s.

imageTeens that are sent to Escuela Caribe are some times physically restrained and captured to be shipped over to the camp. Their money and passports are confiscated and they are not allowed to leave for home until the program is completed, even if they have reached the age of 18. There is no timeline for release, as residents must accumulate points based on work, grades, and behavior and complete a 5 level system which could last from months to years. The camp is surrounded by armed guards and each member is watched at all times. The program director attributes “culture shock” as the cure of their undesired behavior. The camp consists of grueling physical labor, physical punishments (including body slamming, whippings, labor which causes physical injuries, etc.) and emotional punishments (prison-style isolation, public humiliation, mental abuse, etc.), among other activities. Students of the program must ask for permission to even walk across the room, eat, or use the restroom (which consists of a bucket while in isolation). Guards watch their every move and ensue punishment at any perceived mistake. They are not allowed to speak to any Dominicans and all mail is read and filtered. Students (i.e. prisoners) of the camp who attempt suicide and survive are not given help or support, but instead punished for their “defiant behavior.” This is just the tip of the iceberg….

As mentioned previously, a documentary exposing this ex-gay reform school is in post-production and needs donations to fund its world-wide release. “Kidnapped for Christ” follows an 18 year old gay teenimage who is trapped at Escuela Caribe and not allowed to leave. If you can afford to even give $1, this will help this film be released to the public so that people are aware of this barbaric practice. The goal of the film is to expose this injustice in hopes of changing the laws to prohibit citizens from being sent to these camps. You can learn more about the film and donate at

Watch the trailer to “Kidnapped for Christ:”

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Homosexuality in the Bible: The Bible verse most Christians don’t like to quote

Most Christians are very familiar with the story of Sodom. When asked, many quote that Sodom was a land filled with homosexuals. They recall that the men of Sodom surrounded a house and tried to have sex with 2 males who came to stay with Lot for the night. Then, God destroyed the city with fire because of their wicked homosexuality. This isn’t quite the actual story when we look deeper into the context, but I will get back to that… The focus I would like to explore with you today is a nearly identical story that most Christians are not familiar with in compa0Judges_19rison to the story of Sodom. It is quite fascinating that this story isn’t equally as quoted as “proof” that the Bible condemns homosexuality, because there is male/male sex acts mentioned in a matching format to Sodom. As we investigate this story, the reason for this omission to mainstream Biblical knowledge may become more clear. Have you ever heard of the land of Gibeah?

Gibeah (not to be confused with Gomorrah) was a city in the territory of Benjamin. It was one of the twelve tribes of Israel. In the story, we start out with a Levite man traveling home with his concubine and servant.  They must stop for the night and decide to stay in the town square of Gibeah. They were approached by an “old man” to stay in his house, just as the 2 men* in the town square of Sodom were approached by Lot to stay at his house as guests. Please take time to review the following verses that show the parallels and describe the similar story. Take note that the biggest difference between the two is the ending which had a VERY different outcome:


As promised, I must explain a bit of the context of Sodom before going on to compare these two stories. Many forget that the 2 men under the protection of Lot’s roof were not human males, but angels. Second, the men of Sodom are not putting forth a friendly request for a gay sex orgy, but are trying to have sex against the angels will, which is clearly RAPE. Additionally, the men of Sodom threatened Lot that they would  “do worse to him (Lot) than to them (the angels.)” This could be a threat of more violent rape or murder for not giving up the men. Consequently, he offered his daughters in place of the angels and in attempts of saving his own life.

Similarly, the men of Gibeah attempted to gang-rape the Levite, but the resident offered up his virgin daughter and the Levite’s concubine. They took only the concubine and raped her all night unto death. Outraged by the act, the Levite cut her into 12 pieces and sent her body parts to each other 12 tribes of Israel. They said they had not seen such a thing (gang rape) in Israel “since the Israelites left Egypt.” This shows that these events have occurred in the past, but had not occurred in Israel. Also note that in Judges 20:5, the Levite reported, “They intended to kill me; instead they raped my concubine, and she died.” So not only was there proof of rape, but the Levite felt that his life had been threatened.

So as you can see both the residents of Sodom and Gibeah attempted to gang rape the male/angel visitors, but their hosts offered their women as an alternate option. If the men of the city of Sodom or Gibeah were truly gay men, than why would they offer up females; someone whom they would have absolutely no sexual attraction? The logic of this doesn’t add up… So then the question becomes WHY?

Answer: In Biblical times, there were some inhospitable lands (usually Pagan) that practiced gang rape. Their targets were often times travelers or foreigners who came into their city to lodge. This was not about sex, but power. Rape was used as a tool for power, punishment and/or payment, similar to modern-day prison rape. When the travelers or foreigners came into their city, the men were the first targets of gang rape. On occasion they would accept female counterparts as an alternate payment or punishment, but the value was not as high seeing that women were of lower status. Note that the Gibeans did not accept the residents’ daughter, but only the foreigner’s concubine because the residents were not the target. In Sodom’s case, Lot was not originally from Sodom and was seen as a foreigner which made he and his family possible targets. Sodom was a particularly hostile place seeing that all the men of the city partook in this gang rape practice.

As you can see (above), the outcome of both stories is different, but they could have been identical. The only reason for Lot’s daughter’s being spared from being brutally raped and possibly killed is due to the angles blinding all of the men so that they were unable to break down the door. Sadly for the Levite’s concubine, she did not have angels to aid her. None the less, like Sodom, the city ended up being taken down in utter destruction. This time, it was not fire from above, but the men from the other 12 tribes of Israel went against the tribe of Benjamin in battle. Tens of thousands were killed over this incident and only a few hundred who surrendered and fled survived. It is clear that God will not tolerate this gang-rape practice in His land.

A few other interesting comparisons show that the Hebrew words in Genesis 19 and Judges 19 have more similarities than in the English translation. When Lot and the old man tell the men “not to do such a wicked/outrageous/vile thing,” both use the word “ra’a” which means “afflict harm.”  So both are simply telling the men “do not afflict harm (ra’a’) on them,” (not “outrageous,” “wicked,” “vile,” “perverted,” “unnatural,” etc.) Secondly, the word “yada” is used when the men of the city ask for sex AND for when the woman is raped. So “yada” is used for both “sex” and “rape.” Why is it that the translators chose to say “sex” instead of “rape” when the men were propositioning the other men? It is the same word used for “they raped (yada) her and abused her throughout the night” and “instead they raped (yada) my concubine.” Think of how different it would sound if the men of Sodom said “where are the men that came to you tonight? Bring them out to us so we can rape (yada) them.” Likewise, if the men of Gibeah said, “bring out the man who came to your house so we can rape (yada) him!” Why not use “rape” for these other verses when the context is completely clear?

So why is the story of Gibeah not widely known like the story of Sodom? Perhaps it is omitted from common Biblical knowledge because it does not support the idea that God destroyed Sodom due to homosexuality. It makes one question the intentions of Sodom when we see the possible violent intentions and outcome in Gibeah. It raises suspicion that perhaps Sodom wasn’t filled with guys who wanted to have a gay sex party, but violent gang-rapists. It makes one think and question. How can we use a verse that condemns the attempted gang rape of angels to condemn monogamous committed same-gender relationships? Is there any rational way that one can take a story about violent gang rape and attach it to ALL gay attractions, love, and relationships? If the men of Sodom or Gibeah had not mentioned that they wanted to rape the men first, would we have ever said that “God hates straight people?” It seems silly, but this is exactly what many have done with the story and use ancient gang rapists to unfairly condemn all gay people.

You may say, “but wait a minute! God still talks against homosexuality in other verses in the Bible! There’s still Leviticus 18:22 and 2:13, Romans 1:26-28, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 and 1 Timothy 1:9-11!” Not so fast… I implore you to look at this. Like Sodom, it can all be explained, as a true alternate translation exists WITHIN the Scriptures…

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Prop 8 and DOMA

I woke up this morning to these news stories (on the same day) and I am speechless, so watch these videos…

Translation: Gay marriage will resume in California (in July 2013) and any state with gay marriage will receive FULL marriage benefits equal to heterosexual couples.

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Exodus International’s last day.


June 22, 2013 marks a historic day for the LGBT Christian community. Exodus International, the largest ex-gay ministry in the world, is holding the last day of its annual “Freedom Conference.” In the opening statement on June 19th, leader Alan Chambers announced that Exodus International is shutting down after 37 years of service. He issued an apology to the LGBT community for all of the damage that the organization has caused in promoting churches to shun gays and apologized to ex-gay survivors of reparative therapy on Lisa Ling’s Our America.

In his address, he went over the 4 options that were considered at the North American Leadership conference in January 2012. He stated, “we are at a cross-roads at Exodus and we believe we only have four options.”

Option 1: Stay the same.

Option 2: Re-brand (Quote: “Things aren’t going well, so let’s put lipstick on the pig.“)

Option 3: Modify (Quote: “What we realized is that God doesn’t want us to modify Exodus any further. He’s provided us with an opportunity to take option four.”)

Option 4: Shut down. (Quote: “We believe that God has called us to go out of business so that the church CAN do its job.”)

Alan noted that when he took the position as the leader of Exodus International, he was asked what success would look like to him. He stated that his goal would be to eventually shut down Exodus BECAUSE “the church is doing its job.” He explained that Exodus was created in a time where the church was completely silent about homosexuality and gay church members were left with a void. Exodus International filled that void by providing a place where gay Christians had a voice. Personally, it seems that this “voice” has spread throughout many churches, but the voice was based on a lie that homosexuality is changeable.


Thousands of gay and lesbian Christians flocked to Exodus International in attempts to change from gay to straight. Millions of heterosexual Christians have added to this voice and push out any LGBT church member who maintains a healthy committed same-sex relationship. Over time, some realized that being gay was unchangeable, so many jumped on the bandwagon to endorse forced celibacy. Ironically, it became acceptable to “have a slip” and have empty gay sex with a stranger, as long as no relationship was formed and you promised to try not to do it again. This attitude about homosexuality actually promoted gay sex with prostitutes as better than gay monogamous relationships.

Alan Chambers has recently admitted that change is not possible. Although he has been married to his wife, Lesley Chambers, he admits that he still has same-sex attractions (i.e., he is bisexual, NOT a cured ex-gay.) This brings up a big point. If the Will of God is to have all of his followers be heterosexual, than why has he not provided a single way out from same-gender attractions?

Although Alan’s vision to shut Exodus down was not based in his goal that the church is currently doing it’s job (to accept gay and lesbian Christians into their fellowship), he feels that shutting down is a way to prompt churches to “fill the void” of Exodus by allowing gays and lesbians into their church. What will come of this will only be revealed in time…

As a Christian lesbian myself, I have personally experienced the impact of Exodus International through nearly every church-going Christian I have ever met. The original vision of Exodus was to show that change is possible and that gays can turn straight. This false belief system has created a distorted perception that I personally continue to choose to be gay and haven’t tried hard enough to be straight (despite my previous genuine attempts at dating men). My only acceptable options are to marry a man whom I have no capability of romantically loving or be celibate and never experience mutual romantic love again. To this day, my mother says that I have “chosen my lifestyle.” When I shared with my dad about Alan Chambers admission that no one in Exodus International has ever truly changed from homosexual to heterosexual, he gasped in utter shock, exclaimed “WHAT?!!” and nearly fell backwards in his chair. He admitted that he was under the impression (due to the claims in the church) that thousands of gay people have transformed into heterosexuals.

The false doctrine of gay-to-straight transformation was all based upon wishful thinking and the intentional omission of its leaders and followers to hide their continued same-sex attractions and say that they were “cured of homosexuality.” This lie has spread like a disease into the churches across the world and has caused many lost lives and lost souls. Aside from gay suicides, it’s biggest damage has been to the LGBT community itself on a deep spiritual level. Countless gay and lesbians have turned away from God because they saw the church’s non-acceptance as God’s non-acceptance. The voice of Exodus has mutated in the church to inflict further damage. The main message in most evangelical denominations today is that “you can NOT be gay and Christian at the same time.” This has caused many souls to be lost, forever.

Thankfully it seems that change is on the horizon. The main message of Alan Chamber’s opening address was that God loves us how we are. We have not and cannot do anything to “procure Salvation.” It is all based on the grace of the saving blood of Jesus Christ. AMEN! He made the message clear that as long as you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, God accepts you as you no matter what you do and He will never turn His back on you. He stated that Exodus International has “lost the battle with culture,” but that the battle was “meant to be lost.” He stated that he felt it was the Will of God not to fight any longer, but come together   to bring the (gay) “refugees” home into the church.

The video of Alan Chamber’s opening address at the 38th Annual Exodus Freedom Conference can be seen starting at 18:50 (18 minutes, 50 seconds) here.

♥Please also visit to learn about the alternate translations of the Bible verses that appear to condemn homosexuality. ♥

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Uncovering “homosexuaity” in the Bible: Deuteronomy and 1 Kings reference to male shrine prostitution in Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13

It is no secret that the Bible appears to condemn homosexuality. What is more unknown is the fact that an alternate translation exists within the Scriptures that illustrate a completely different picture of these verses when focusing on the original language, context, and cultural practice of Biblical times. What emerges is a different story that condemns homosexual sex acts in connection to idol worship rituals, gang rape practices and prostitution. In this article, I will focus on new evidence that Deuteronomy and 1 Kings confirm that Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 are speaking directly about males engaged in shrine prostitution. If you would like to review the evidence concerning the alternate translations of ALL the verses that appear to condemn homosexuality, please visit

Moses’ Last Words

Before I get to the main point, I must explain the context of Leviticus and Deuteronomy. Leviticus contains the law for the Jews as given to Moses. It was a manual of rules that the Jews were to follow in order to set themselves apart from the inhabitants of the land that they were promised to inherit. Deuteronomy is the last book that Moses authored before his death. It gave a summary of the commands that the Jews were to follow and remember as they entered into the promise land of Canaan which was then named Israel. So Deuteronomy was essentially a summary of what God told Moses to relay before his death. It reads in the same format as ancient treaties as a contract between God and His people. Because it is the last book Moses authored, it has many repeated portions from the Levitical code.

The Death Penalty, Repeated

The laws that prescribed the death penalty in Leviticus are all repeated again in Deuteronomy as forbidden practices, minus one exception. As you might guess, the only law that does not seem to be repeated from Leviticus to Deuteronomy is the verse that prohibits a man lying with man (Lev. 18:22, 20:13). Although this law is the only single law that prescribes capital punishment that looks as if it is not included again in Deuteronomy, there is something else that is mentioned in Deuteronomy that appears to be a repeat after all. Deuteronomy 23:17 prohibits male shrine prostitution. “No Israelite man or woman is to become a shrine prostitute (qadesh, קָדֵשׁ).” Could it be that the law of Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 is repeated in Deuteronomy 23:17, only it is described in more direct terms to modern readers?

 Shrine prostitution was rampant in Biblical times and was directly connected to idol worship. Male worshipers would give their semen as a sacrifice to their idols through anal intercourse with the male and female shrine prostitutes. The shrine prostitutes acted as intercessors to the gods through sexual fluid exchange. These were not gay men, but heterosexuals with families who had sex with men as an idol worship practice. Although some of the male shrine prostitutes could have been gay, many were only performing what they saw as a holy ritual to their gods. This in no way describes modern day gay people.

Shrine prostitution in Leviticus 18 and 20

If one reads Leviticus in context with this cultural knowledge, you will notice that both Leviticus 18 and 20 detail the prohibition of giving sacrifices to the idol Molech who was the main idol of Canaan. In fact, Leviticus 18:21 (right before 18:22) states that no man should offer his seed to Molech. (Note that many translations interpret this as “children,” but the original Hebrew word “zera” זָ֫רַע also means “semen” and “intercourse.”) The very next verse prohibits a man lying with a man. It is even called an abomination, but not just any abomination. There are two words for abomination in Hebrew. The type of abomination used for Leviticus 18:22 is “toevah” תּוֹעֵבָה, which is usually connected to a sin of idolatry. Furthermore, Leviticus 20 goes into even more detail about idol worship of Molech before it seems to prescribe the death penalty to “man lying with man.” It seems obvious to be speaking about shrine prostitution. Lev. 20:5 states, “Then I’ll oppose that man and his family and eliminate him from contact with his people, along with all the prostitutes who accompany him and who have committed prostitution with Molech.”

Additionally, the order of Leviticus 18 suggests that 18:22 is connected to an idol worship practice. Chapter 18 can be broken up into four topical parts: Verses 1-5 is a greeting, verses 6-20 are prohibitions of those near of kin, verses 21-24 are acts connected to idol worship of Molech, and verses 25-30 describe that the Canaanites practiced all of these customs. Focusing on verses 21-24: “You must not give any of your seed as an offering to Molech, so that you do not profane the name of your God. I am the LORD! You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination. You must not have sexual intercourse with any animal to become defiled with it, and a woman must not stand before an animal to have sexual intercourse with it; it is a perversion.” (note that “as one” is crossed out because this comparative language is not reflected in the original Hebrew text.) This clearly appears to be referring to male/male sex in the confines of idol worship, i.e. shrine prostitution. Additional proof is the verse that follows which describes bestiality which was also an idol worship sex practice. Leviticus 17:7 indicates idol worship bestiality practice: “They are no longer to slaughter their sacrifices to the goat idols, for whom they have been committing prostitution.”

1 Kings referrrence to Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13

In 1 Kings 14:24, we see a reference to the male shrine prostitutes from Canaan. It states, “and there were also male shrine prostitutes (qadesh, קָדֵשׁ) in the land. They did according to all the abominations (toevah, תּוֹעֵבָה) of the nations that the LORD drove out before the people of Israel.” Note that this verse must be giving reference to Leviticus 18, rather than Deuteronomy. Deuteronomy 23 only states that Israelites are not to become shrine prostitutes. It says nothing about it being practiced by the Canaanites, which were “the ones driven out before the people of Israel.” Instead, Leviticus states that “male lying with male” was done amongst the Canaanites (Lev. 18:27) and also called it a toevah (idolatry abomination.) One could safely assert that 1 Kings 14:24 is referring directly to the Canaanite male shrine prostitutes which would conclude that the Leviticus verses are a prohibition against male shrine prostitution.

Going on, we can see many examples of male prostitution always paired with idolatry: 1 Kings 15:12, “He expelled the male shrine prostitutes from the land and got rid of all the idols his ancestors had made.” 1 Kings 22:46, “He rid the land of the rest of the male shrine prostitutes who remained there even after the reign of his father Asa.” 2 Kings 23:7, “He tore down the houses of the male shrine prostitutes who were in the LORD’s temple, where women did weaving for Asherah.” Job 36:14, “They die while they’re young, or they live on as male prostitutes in the temples of idols.” Hosea 4:14, “For the men themselves go apart with harlots and offer sacrifices with shrine prostitutes.” Hosea 6:10, “I have seen a disgusting thing in the temple of Israel: there Ephraim practices shrine prostitution and Judah defiles itself.”

Ironically, some translations have chosen to use “Sodomites” in place of “male shrine prostitutes” in all of the above verses. This is entirely misleading. There were no men of Sodom left to be in the land (because they were all destroyed), and they certainly were not referring to gay men, but prostitutes who practiced idol worship rituals. So anytime you read a Bible that references “sodomites,” be sure to check the context to see if it is speaking about actual people of Sodom or a misleading translation that actually means male shrine prostitutes (qadesh, קָדֵשׁ).

ALL Homosexual acts paired with idol worship in the Bible

Every example of any homosexual sex act mentioned in the Bible is always paired in the same chapter with idol worship, minus the story of Sodom which was attempted gang rape of angels. Coincidence? Although Genesis 19:1-11 may not speak directly about idol worship with male/male sex acts in these verses, there are plenty of verses that demonstrate that idolatry was practiced in Sodom, so male shrine prostitution was likely practiced there too. Romans 1 is a prime example where idol worship is described in detail followed by a supposed verse about homosexuality (Romans 1:26-28). 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 and 1 Timothy 1:9-11 use the word “arsenokoites” which literally means “man, beds.” Long before the word “homosexual” was invented, many translations used “male prostitutes” in its place. This only leaves Leviticus which also describes idol worship in both references to supposed homosexual practice. This demonstrates that there is always the presence of idols when male/male sex acts are present in the Bible. When was the last time you saw a modern gay person practicing prostitution for an idol? The Bible does not condemn a God-centered life-long committed relationship between two members of the same gender. The only gay sex condemned in the Bible is that of shrine prostitution and rape.

Mixing the modern world with the ancient

Sometimes as Christians we can look at the Bible and attempt to apply it to our modern world to a fault. On occasion, we can mix up the ancient cultural implication and apply modern concepts that change the entire meaning of the text to such an extreme that a whole group of people become unfairly condemned. The word “homosexuality” was defined in the late 1800’s, yet now we have inserted it into the Holy Bible of God’s Word in 1946. The fact that the word “sodomites” is used is another big cultural mistake. The word “sodomy” is a modern word for anal sex. “Sodomite” in the modern sense is a word for a gay male. The word itself is derived from the story in the Bible about Sodom, but if we really want to take the story of Sodom and apply it to the meaning of a modern sodomite, than that person would be a gang rapist that attempts to assault angels. (Re-read Gen. 19 again and you will understand.)  With the true definition in place, have you known any sodomites in your life, ever???

Another issue we have a problem with is seeing prostitution in the Bible as either like modern prostitutes and/or viewing it as purely symbolic. When seen through modern lenses, we view prostitutes as  people who exchange sex for money. There are 2 forms of prostitution mentioned in the Bible. The one that may be connected to more of a modern definition is zanah (זָנָה ). This is a woman who exchanges sex for money, but sometimes refers to having sex outside of marriage or a promiscuous woman. So if you have had any sexual involvement with anyone unmarried, than you could be called a zanah (prostitute) yourself. The other form of prostitution mentioned in the Bible is the shrine or temple prostitute named qadesh (קָדֵשׁ ). This is always connected to idol worship in some way. Although this was clearly practiced in ancient times, modern Christians sometimes view these verses as “symbolic prostitution.” They believe that the idol worshipers were symbolically “prostituting themselves with other gods.” History shows actual prostitution within idol worship.

Reviewing the facts

So all together it seems that Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 are referring to male shrine prostitutes. Summarized is the evidence. 1) The death penalty laws are all repeated in Deuteronomy and Deut. 23:17 is the only suitable replacement to Leviticus 20:13. 2) 1 Kings 14:24 gives reference to male shrine prostitutes in Canaan and only Leviticus 18 mentions that the custom was practiced in Canaan (when reading in context). 3) The order of Leviticus 18 shows that “a man lying with a man” was connected to idol worship. 4) The type of abomination that “a man lying with a man” is called is associated with an idolatry abomination. 5) All Bible verses descriptive of male/male sexual acts are paired with condemnation of idol worship, indicating male shrine prostitution.

For reference purposes, here are the sexual sins that are prescribed the death penalty in Leviticus and repeated again in Deuteronomy. Note that some of them repeat the death sentence in Deuteronomy, and others only mention it as a forbidden practice.

– Incest Lev.20:17, Deut. 27:22.
– Adultery Lev. 20:10-12, Deut. 22:22
– Bestiality Lev. 20:15-16, Deut. 27:21
– Sex with father’s wife Lev. 20:11, Deut. 27:20
– Daughter prostitute Lev. 21:9, Deut. 22:21
– Sex or marriage to mother-in-law Lev. 20:14, Deut. 27:23
– Shrine prostitution Lev 20:13, 18:22, Duet 23:17  (Note that female prostitution was previously forbidden in Lev. 19:29)
*There are other death penalty crimes in Leviticus that are repeated in Deuteronomy, but I have chosen to reference those of a relevant sexual nature.

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