Aramaic and Hebrew letters reveal hidden meaning in the Bible (including the words for God, Jesus, peace, sin, homosexuality, etc.)v

The following presents a simple Aramaic / Hebrew letter formula which reveals deep meaning into Biblical words. Unlike our English alphabet, each individual letter in the Aramaic and Hebrew language has a known ancient symbol and meaning. When one takes the letters of an Aramaic or Hebrew word in Scripture and deconstructs their corresponding letter meaning, something miraculous may be revealed. Contained in this article are the hidden meanings in the “Alpha and Omega,” name of Jesus, title and name of God as well as the words for peace, murder, sin, forgiveness, Heaven, the Holy Spirit, truth, grace, saved, faith, works, boast, salvation, Sodom and the words commonly translated as homosexuals. Note that this is in no way related to Jewish mysticism or Kabbalah, but is solely interpreted from a Christian reader’s perspective. Please read on… This article will be updated with new insights! Last update: April 22, 2015.

imageI have been praying daily for Scriptural wisdom from The Lord, and I feel He has revealed something profound in my study of Aramaic and Hebrew. It must first be known that each letter in the Aramaic and Hebrew language has a deep meaning and symbolizes certain things. (Note that all of the letters in both languages coincide in their letter meanings.) For example, the letter “Nun” (נ) is symbolized by a “seed” and means “to continue, an heir to inheritance, offspring and/or a son.” The letter “Tsad” (צ) is symbolized by a “trail” and means “to go on a journey, to chase and/or to hunt.”

Just like most languages have root words, the Aramaic and Hebrew language has a root meaning in every single letter! When I was reviewing the Aramaic and Hebrew alphabet, I came across something that floored me. As you may know, God proclaimed Himself as “the Alpha and the Omega” (Revelation1:8,21:6,22:13) which is the first and last letters in the Greek alphabet. Knowing that Jesus spoke Aramaic, I looked to see the meanings behind the first and last letters of the Aramaic and Hebrew language. “I am the Alaph and the Taw” (Aramaic) or “I am the Aleph and the Tav” (Hebrew). The ancient pictorial lettering of the Alaph/Aleph is a picture of a head of an ox and symbolizes “God, first, strong, power and leader.” The Taw/Tav is a picture of two crossed sticks and symbolizes “a covenant, monument mark and a sign.” What I realized is that the Alaph/Aleph ox head is like the animal sacrificial system under the Old Covenant. The Taw/Tav crossed sticks is like a symbol of the crucifixion under the New Covenant. Put together, it represents God as the First Leader with strong power and the sign of New Covenant of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross! This is of course just a reference to two simple letters…image

imageAfter being astounded at this deep meaning, I decided to begin to look at Hebrew and Aramaic words, and see what each letter combined in each word came out to mean. Note that this is not a normal way of translating the words in the language, but rather deconstructing meaning from each letter to see what it defines when put together. I first looked at the letters in Jesus’ name in Aramaic (ישוע Yeshua). Here I will provide the letter name and it’s relevant connective meaning. The words in [brackets] are my conclusions:

imageJesus – ישוע Yeshua
י Yudh- Hand [His hands were pierced for our transgressions], Worship [We worship Him]
ש Shin – Front teeth [He speaks for God], two, [second in the trinity].
ו Vav – Tent peg [looks like a nail. Refer to the nail in his hand. Represents the tent’s foundation. Extra note: the “tent” means house and temple.], add [adds the New Covenant], secure [secures mankind], hook [like “fishers of men”].
ע Ayin- Eye [see God], know [know God], experience [how we experience God.]
So as you can see, the letters of Jesus’ name connect fully to His essence.

imageHere is the breakdown of the title of “My God” (אלהי El’ahi) in Aramaic, spoken by Jesus on the cross in Matthew 27:36:
“My God” – אלהי El’ahi
א Alaph- God, first, strong, power, leader.
ל Resh- Head of man [He is our leader or “head” and we are made in His image], first, top beginning [He is first and eternal].
ה Heth- Man with arms raised [He has power over all things and we raise our arms up to Him. Also symbolic of Jesus’ arms raised up on the cross], breath [His breath gives us life], reveal [He reveals Himself to us], look [we look to Him and He sees all].
All the letters of El’ahi coincide to our connection with The Father!

Next I looked up the true personal name of God (יהוה Yahweh) in Hebrew:image
The name of God – יהוה Yahweh
י Yud- Worship [He is worshiped.]
ה Hey- Man with arms raised [He has power over all things and we raise our arms up to Him. Also symbolic of Jesus’ arms raised up on the cross.], breath [His breath gives us life], reveal [He reveals Himself to us], look [we look to Him and He sees all].
ו Vav- Tent peg [looks like a nail. Prophesied His Son being pierced to forgive us. Represents the tent’s foundation. Extra note: the tent means house and temple.], add [Creator of all- adds all creation.], secure [we find secure refuge in Him], Hook [“fishers of men”].
ה Hey- [repeated above]
Once again, God’s essence is clearly shown in the letters of His name.

I was in awe to find these connections in the names for God and Jesus. So I ventured on to research a few other words to see if I could find any relevant connections in their definitions. Note again that this is not a normal way of translating a word, but just taking the letters of a word and seeing their meaning based on the connected meaning of the letters… I decided to see the letters for the Hebrew word for “peace” (שָׁלוֹם shalom):

imagePeace – שָׁלוֹם shalom
שָׁ Shin- Two [two people or nations]
ל Lamed- To bind [binding together]
וֹ Vav- Secure [to be secure from…]
ם Mem- Chaos [disturbance.]
According to the interlinear biblical dictionary, the Hebrew root word for peace means “to join, tie together into a whole.” The dictionary defines peace as “freedom from disturbance.” So we can see that the above Hebrew letters combined to make the word peace are like “two binding together to be secure from chaos.”

In researching this, I thought I should also look up a negative word to see what appeared, just in case this was an anomaly. I decided to look up the Hebrew word “murder” (רָצַח ratsach). Here is the result:
Murder – רָצַח ratsach
רָ Resh- Man.
צַ Tsade- Chase, hunt.
ח Chet- Divide in half.
[Murder= chasing and hunting a man and dividing them in half/destroying them!] In discussing this one with my wife, she had an amazing point. Anytime someone is murdered, (or dies for that matter) their soul is divided from their body, thus they are “divided in half.” So this becomes an even more accurate description of murder itself as one chases/hunts a man (person) and divides their soul from their body!

There are several Hebrew words for “sin.” One of the most common is chatta’ah” (חַטָּאָה) Which is a direct offense against The Law of God deserving of punishment:

Sin – חַטָּאָה chatta’ah
חַ Chet- Outside, divide in half [Sin divides us from God]
טָּ Tet- Mud [Sin makes us dirty]
אָ Aleph- God
ה Hey- Reveal, man with arms raised up. [Through The Law our sin is revealed so that we may seek forgiveness from God. The man with raised arms is symbolic of Jesus’ arms raised up on the cross, which reveals our Savior!]

Sin divides us from God and makes us dirty (like mud), but through the Law, we are made aware of our sin and need for a Savior, and our Savior is revealed at the cross. So in the word “sin,” it has the answer of how to be forgiven by Jesus on the cross! Romans 3:20 states, “Therefore no one will be declared righteous in God’s sight by the works of the law; rather, through the law we become conscious of our sin.” Hebrews 7:19 reflects this- “For the law never made anything perfect. But now we have confidence in a better hope, through which we draw near to God.” The bottom line is that we can learn from our sin and know that we are all unworthy until we seek Our Savior’s forgiveness!

Forgiveness – סְלִיחָה selichah
סְ Samech – Protect
לִ Lamed – Bind
חָ Chet – Divided
ה Hey – Man with arms raised, reveal
Here we have an instance which shows us how forgiveness is connected closely to the letters in sin. Recall that the letters in “sin” showed us divided from God, but the letters in forgiveness shows that we are protected and bound from being divided by the man with his arms raised (on the cross,) as our Savior has once again been revealed in the letters!

So next I looked up the word for “Heaven.”
Heaven – שָׁמַ֫יִם Shamayim
שָׁ Shin- Trinity
מַ֫ Mem- Water
יִ Yod- Spirit
ם Mem – Blood

The word for Heaven has a deep meaning. Rather than describe its physical attributes, its name is more of the description of how one is able to enter into such a destination. This verse says it all: “This is the one who came by water and blood–Jesus Christ. He did not come by water only, but by water and blood. And it is the Spirit who testifies, because the Spirit is the truth. For there are three that testify: the Spirit, the water and the blood; and the three are in agreement. We accept human testimony, but God’s testimony is greater because it is the testimony of God, which he has given about his Son.” 1 John 5:6-9 But what is this water and blood signify? We see in John 19:33, 34 “But when they came to Jesus and found that he was already dead, they did not break his legs. Instead, one of the soldiers pierced Jesus’ side with a spear, bringing a sudden flow of blood and water.” This shows that Jesus’ death on the cross as our sacrifice is the way to the entrance into Shamayim!

Very similarly, the word for “mercy” reveals Heaven…
Mercy – רחמים rachamim
ר Resh – man
ח Chet – divided
מ Mem – Water
י Yod – Spirit
ם Mem – Blood

As you can see, God’s mercy reveals that man would be divided without the Water, the Spirit and the Blood.

The Holy Spirit – רוח הקדש Ruach Ha-Kodesh
ר Resh – head of man
ו Vav – Nail, secure
ח Chet – Outside tent wall

ה Hey – Man with arms raised, behold, breath, reveal
ק Qof – Time
ד Dallet – Access
ש Shin – Trinity, consuming fire, destroy
[Man is secured by the nails of the Messiah who went outside of the residence of God (“the tent”) to raise his arms on the cross. And behold, the breath of God’s mind is revealed in our time on earth by the access of the Trinity which consumes and destroys sin.]

image Truth – אֱמֶת Emet
אֱ Aleph – God
מֶ Mem – Mighty, blood
ת Tav – Cross, covenant
The word for “truth” in Hebrew is yet another miraculous sign of the truth of God and Messiah’s sacrifice. The word itself is compromised of the first, middle and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet, representing all encompassing truth. Even more amazing is that the letters themselves point towards truth as God the mighty blood covenant sacrifice on the cross! Praise Yahweh for the One and only Truth! “and you will know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH will set you free.” – John 8:32. ‘Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the TRUTH, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”‘ -John 14:6 They exchanged the TRUTH about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator–who is forever praised. Amen. Romans 1:25 “God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in TRUTH.” -John 4:24. Side note: This last verse Of John 4:24 gives evidence to the Trinity in Scripture, as we are told that God IS spirit, and we must worship Him in spirit (representing the Holy Spirit) and in God’s mighty blood Covenant on the cross (representing Jesus.)

In reading of Ephesians 2:8,9 I was led to look up key words in the verse to find it’s deeper meaning. The verse reads “For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not by your own doing; it is a gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.” Following are a study of the underlined words:

Grace – חנד Hanan
ח Chet – outside, divided
נ Nun – Son
ד Dalet – Entrance

Grace shows that we would be outside and divided from God if it weren’t for the Son, who provides the entrance to Salvation.

Saved – הציל Hitziyl
ה Hey – Behold, the man with the arms raised, revealed
צ tsadi – capture
י Yod – Spirit
ל Lamed – Bind, to, Shepherd

Being “saved” reveals the man with the arms raised (on the cross), as He captures our spirit and binds us to the Good Shepherd.

Faith – אמונה Emunah
א Aleph- God
מ Mem- Mighty blood
ו Vav – Nail
נ Nun – Son
ה Hey – Reveal

The very essence of our faith in the Hebrew language is the meaning behind the word itself; “God’s Mighty Blood nailed to the Son, revealed!”

Gift – מֶתנ Matan

מֶ Mem – Mighty, blood
ת Tav – Cross, covenant
נ Nun – Son

Very much like the word for truth (Emet), the word “gift” reveals the most amazing gift of all. It simply means the Mighty Blood cross Covenant of the Son! Hebrew it truly a Divine language!

Works/actions/deeds – פעלום pa’alim
פ Peh – communicate
ע Ayin – Watch, understand
ל Lamed – teach
ו Yod – work, worship, spirit
ם Mem – Mighty blood

Here is the hidden meaning behind this word. Works are performed to communicate understanding so that one can watch the teaching of the work of worship through the Spirit of the Mighty Blood. In other words, works are performed to be a witness of the work He has done for us so that we may demonstrate the spirit of His work to others.

Boast- לְהִתְפַּאֵר La’hit’paer
ל Lamed – To / Bind
ה Hey – look, behold / man with arms raised
ת Tav – monument / cross
פַּ Peh – speak / scatter away
א Aleph – power / God
ר Resh – man, first

I believe that this word has two relevant translations. First, it is to look and behold the monument (idol) of self and speak of the power of man (self) first above all. Second, it is to restrain from (bind) beholding the man with the arms raised on the cross and scatter away the thought of God by putting man first.

As you can see, being saved, God’s grace and having faith all point to the works of God’s Son! These words reveal God’s plan for saving humanity through His Son by His works on the cross and demonstrate that this perfect gift from God is the entrance to Salvation. We can also see that our human works as defined do not take away from this, but only reinforce that we share the Good News with others of HIS works! It is only when we fall into the prideful act of boasting that we lift up ourselves above God, but despite this, His Work remains true. Furthermore, we can trust that this is truth by deconstructing the meaning of the Hebrew word for “truth” itself which reveals God’s Mighty Blood Covenant on the cross! (See above.)

Salvation – ישועה Yeshuah
י Yudh- Hand [His hands were pierced for our transgressions], Worship [We worship Him]
ש Shin – Front teeth [He speaks for God], two, [second in the trinity].
ו Vav – Tent peg [looks like a nail. Refer to the nail in his hand. Represents the tent’s foundation. Extra note: the “tent” means house and temple.], add [adds the New Covenant], secure [secures mankind], hook [like “fishers of men”].
ע Ayin- Eye [see God], know [know God], experience [how we experience God.]
ה Hey – Man with arms raised, behold, reveal [Salvation is revealed through Him on the cross.]

If you haven’t noticed already, salvation is the same word with one letter added for the name of Jesus. Yeshua (Jesus) and Yeshuah (Salvation.) With this said, we come full circle and see that salvation truly is revealed in Him!

Scripture – כתב Kethab
כ Kaf – Open palm
ת Tav – Cross
ב Bet – Tent floor plan
Symbolically we can gather that Scripture is handing to us (with an open palm) the knowledge of the cross as the foundation (tent floor plan.) The more I research Scripture, the more I find that everything seems to point back to Yeshua and His sacrifice for us. We can see symbolic reflections of Him within so many stories in the Scriptures, and now also in the individual words themselves! It is clear that God made Him known throughout time and all that was preserved to be revealed was for this purpose to lead us to our salvation!

Before proceeding to the next section which explores deeper meaning into the words connected to homosexuality, I wanted to first share another insight which was revealed to me. Isaiah chapter 53 is one of the most famous Old Testament prophesies that foretold the first coming of The Messiah. It describes in detail that He was to be killed for our transgressions, and “by His wounds we are healed.” I asked The Lord to show me more, and in reading only the first sentence in Isaiah 53:1, I was shown two things. Note that Hebrew is read from right to left:

As you can see, the name of Yeshua (Jesus) is encoded into the sentence which describes “the arm of Yahweh revealed.” But even more amazing is that the letters in the word for “Messiah” are also encoded in the same sentence:
This shows that Yeshua is the Messiah! For further proof, when we look at the last word “reveal,” there is only one instance of this exact word in all of Scripture, and here is what is revealed!
Reveal – נִגְלָֽתָה niglatah
נִ Nun – Son [Son of God]
גְ Gimal – walk [will walk with us]
גְ Lamed – teach [and teach us]
תָ Tav – crossed sticks [at the cross]
ה Hey – reveal [He will be revealed]

Only God Himself could put such perfect meaning into each letter to combine into the words of Scripture. Of course I have not gone through all the words that exist, but I would imagine that finding such perfect meaning in just these few are profoundly statistically improbable.

After discovering these hidden connective meanings of the Aramaic and Hebrew letters for myself, I went online and searched for anything similar. I found that several others have also been revealed this connection for the Alpha and Omega, name of God, and Jesus. This provided personal confirmation that I must be onto something… Let all praise be to God for answering my prayer for new wisdom of the Scriptures!

The Aramaic / Hebrew connection to homosexuality and the Bible

imageRather than list many other words, I will now discuss what is relevant to the topic of this website. I have dedicated many years of study into what the Bible appears to say about homosexuality. My full study can be accessed at After finding that there is a genuine alternate translation within Scripture that does NOT condemn all of homosexuality (but rather homosexual acts of gang rape and shrine prostitution for idol worship, etc.), I decided to study some key words to see if using this Aramaic/Hebrew letter formula would help uncover anything relevant.

First lets start with the word Sodom (סְדֹם Sedom):
Sodom – סְדֹם Sedom
סְ Samech- Grab [the men of Sodom tried to grab the angels], hate [Sodom hated foreigners], Protect [The men of Sodom only cared to protect their own resources. The angels came under the protection of Lot’s roof.]
דֹ Dalet- Door, entrance [the men of Sodom tried to violently break down the door of Lot’s house to retrieve the angels.]
ם Mem- Chaos, mighty, blood. [The city was filled with violence and chaos, and then the mighty were covered in blood by its destruction.]
The letters in the name of this city demonstrates their practice of trying to grab those they hate and break down doors of those who try to protect outside foreigners. The end result is chaos and blood. This definition within the letters could support the alternate translation which shows that the violent men of Sodom attempted to gang-rape the angel visitors in Lot’s house, rather than the traditional interpretation which just sees Sodom as a city full of gay people who wanted to have sex with men for pleasure. (Compare Genesis 19 and Judges 19). It also should be noted that the name of Sodom itself prophesied it’s end days and destruction through the letters in its own name!

The next word we shall look at is the word that is commonly translated into “homosexuals” in 1 Corinthians 6:9 and 1 Timothy 1:9-11. It must be noted that these books by Paul have been modernly translated from Greek. The Greek word is “arsenokoites” (αρσενοκοιται) and was coined by Paul which simply means “man, beds.” Considering that the word and concept of homosexuality has only been around for the past century, the original meaning was not the word “homosexual.” A likely translation is “male prostitutes,” as it is a man (singular) in many beds (plural.) The practice of shrine/temple prostitution was ramped in Biblical times, as the male shrine/temple prostitute would act as an intercessor to the idols by accepting the male seed of the worshiper who was to gain power from the idol. Although our New Testament is imagein Greek, it would not be unlikely that Paul spoke Aramaic. Some even believe that Paul spoke Aramaic and had his letters translated into Greek, as many Aramaic idioms are found within his writings. If this was the case, it would explain why Paul created so many Greek terms, as there may not have been a proper Greek way to express his Aramaic words fully. Even if this is not the case, the Aramaic word equivalent to arsenokoites (shach-bay am dich-re – שכבי עם דכרא) still provides a symbolic connection to shrine prostitution:
αρσενοκοιται arsenokoites – שכבי עם דכרא shach-bay am dich-re
ש Shin- Two [two people]
כ Kaph- Bend allow [bending in submission to allow]
ב Beth- Temple, in [insertion at the temple]
י Yudh- Work, worship [worker for pagan worship]
ע E- Know [to “know” each other]
ם Mim- Chaos, mighty, blood [which causes blood]
ד Dalath- Entrance [often performed at the entrance of the temple]
כ Kaph- Bend allow [bending in submission to allow]
ר Resh- Man [a male]
א Alaph- Power [for power]
So taken as a whole, shach-bay am dich-re (שכבי עם דכרא) echoes shrine/temple prostitution, as the prostitute in the temple bends over to allow the worshiper to enter him which causes blood and was done for power.

Lastly, the other Greek word associated with homosexuality is “malakos” (μαλακοι). The only contextual meaning we have from Scripture is “soft,” but some scholars have connected it to the practice of males who kept boys as sex slaves and often trained them up as shrine/temple prostitutes. In our modern day, this could represent a child molester, as nothing else in Scripture seems to condemn that act and we all know that it’s devastatingly harmful to children! The King James translates this as “effeminate,” but not all gay males are effeminate, so this seems better to represent the “soft” pre-pubescent boy. The Aramaic word is m’khab-le (מחבלא) and the Biblical context in Aramaic Scripture refers to “corrupted children.”
Here are the letter meanings in the Aramaic equivalent to malakos – m’khab-le (מחבלא):
μαλακοι malakos – מחבלא m’khab-le
מ Mim- chaos, mighty, blood [in chaos]
ח Heth- outside the tent walls (tent=family), divide [separates child from the family]
ב Beth- temple, in [in the temple]
ל Lamad- bind, teach [bind them against their will to teach them]
א Alaph- power [done for power]
So m’khab-ble (מחבלא) all together with the letters tells a story. In chaos, the mighty (strong men) separates the child from the family, takes them in the temple and binds them against their will to teach them the act of child prostitution. This was an act done for power.

For a Hebrew study using these same techniques to unveil the phenomenal meaning behind the first miracle of Jesus, please visit

So all together we can see a genuine meaning behind these Aramaic and Hebrew words that suggests that these Divine languages uphold the truth of Scripture. As said previously, I have not reviewed all of Biblical words using this letter formula, but the words presented above seem to demonstrate an intentional hidden meaning. Here is my personal Ancient Hebrew letter symbolism chart I compiled (based on the professional chart from the Ancient Hebrew Research Center noted below):
Ancient Hebrew letter meanings

If you would like to conduct your own study, here are the needed resources that I used:

Teach yourself – resources 

The chart of letter meanings: (Ancient and modern Hebrew, Aramaic [early and late Semantic], Greek, and Latin):
Interlinear Bible (with Hebrew Old Testament):
Aramaic New Testament:
Modern Aramaic letter chart for the Aramaic Bible:
Ancient Hebrew Research Center:
Aramaic study into 1 Corinthians 6:9:

About moanti (moe·on·tee)

My main mission of this blog is to demystify the confusion of “homosexuality” in the Bible and let the rarely heard alternative perspective be known. I also aspire to spread the loving Word of Christ to the gay and lesbian community who feel left out due to our society. I have extraordinary compassion for gays and lesbians who have struggled with religious persecution, but hope that they can come to know God as loving rather than run from Him forever due to a group of naïve heterosexual Christians who discriminated against them. I want to bridge the gap of these two groups with knowledge! If only I had a bigger podium to accomplish this… Please spread the word. Thank you and happy reading!
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  3. Angela says:

    Please forgive me but could u please do a Greek and He few study on Jesus and the trinity. Many call it pagan

    • Hi Angela,
      I will do my best to do a study of these things, but the word “trinity” doesn’t exist in Scripture as I’m sure you already know. Most of the reference to The Holy Spirit is in Greek, so I’m not sure what I can pull from the Hebrew Old Testament using this letter meaning formula, but I will look into it and let you know… But just overall looking at Scripture in plain English, I think a good evidence for the Divine nature of the trinity concept is this; We are told in the Gospel that Mary was made pregnant by the Holy Spirit. Jesus calls God His father, which is something that no other follower (previous prophet or teacher) had done. If God is the biological Father of Jesus, then the Holy Spirit must also be God. If Jesus is God’s only Son that God begot, then God is in Him unlike any other human man since Jesus did not have a biological earthly father. In Hebrew, the Spirit is considered “the breath of God.” In Isaiah, the Messiah is prophesied as being “the arm of God.” So Jesus is the Divine manifestation of God in physical form. Whereas the Holy Spirit is the Divine manifestation of God in unseen form. Also, Jesus stated “Before Abraham was born, I AM.” (John 8:58) Not only does this demonstrate that Jesus existed before His humanly birth, He also uses the reference of what Yahweh called Himself in the Old Testament. Yahweh told Moses to tell the Israelites, “tell them I AM has sent me to you.” (Exodus 3:14). So this shows a connection between God and Jesus.

      Furthermore, before the resurrection of Christ, the Holy Spirit did not enter people, but existed around them outside of them for guidance. But we are told on the day of Pentecost that the Holy Spirit entered into believers, as they were “baptized” (immersed) in the Holy Spirit. This was only made possible by the redemption of the final sacrifice of Jesus, as believers had (and still have) full forgiveness of sins so that we are made clean for the Holy Spirit to enter into us, which our unforgiven sin prevented before. So although the trinity may be not explicitly stated in Scripture, the concept is expressed in this evidence. This is my personal thought of these things. So overall, Yahweh is one and the Holy Spirit and Jesus are parts of Him to be experienced on the earth. The reason we cannot see Yahweh in His full form is this: “you cannot see my face, for no one may see me and live” (Exodus 33:20). So this is reserved for when we will be transformed into our new Spiritual bodies in the New Creation without any sin temptation in existence. When we are in this perfected form, we can experience God fully. This is what I gather… Please pray about this and tell me what you think.
      Your sister in Christ,

    • Hi Angela,
      How have you been? I wanted to write to you because I just discovered something that appears to be connected to your previous question on the Trinity. I found a verse in Scripture, which when read in the context of these hidden Hebrew letter-meanings, reveals something that appears to connect to the Trinity. Before I share the verse, I must first explain the word that reveals this…. The Hebrew word “Truth” is Emet (אֱמֶת) and is very significant, as it contains the first, middle and last letters in the Hebrew Alephbet, as it is all encompassing truth. The meaning of the letters are particularly incredible, as Aleph (אֱ) represents “God,” Mem (מֶ) represents “mighty, blood” and Tav (ת) represents “cross, covenant.” So all together we see that the hidden meaning for truth is God’s Mighty Blood Covenant on the cross! With this in mind, read this verse:
      “God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in TRUTH.” -John 4:24.
      This verse gives evidence to the Trinity in Scripture, as we are told that God IS spirit, and we must worship Him in spirit (representing the Holy Spirit) and in God’s Mighty Blood Covenant on the cross (representing Jesus.) So all together it would seem that God must be worshiped in (or through) His Holy Spirit and Jesus, which are 3, but all connected to 1 in God. I hope this gives you some more insight into this…
      Your sister in Christ,

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  5. Lupita says:

    first thank you for translating this words. Looks like a hard work from you and know your intentions are to connect more with God.

    I study meditation and have the experience of instead of a God outside its more about a God within. I see your interpretations are too Cristian sometimes. Maybe think outside the box?

    Like the word God. Instead of him being worshiped, maybe might mean the person worshiping him or herself to find the light inside them, trough hard work and self discovery. And instead if the nail that hurt Yesuah might hold a different meaning. Like work, nail means hat work (lots of labor work in that time) be strong as iron from beginning to end. That in the middle the light will build within. And so on.

    Thank you or sharing. Interested in knowing more about the translations

    • Dear Lupita,
      Thank you for your interest in the translations and your thoughts. I wanted to let you know that the meanings of the Hebrew and Aramaic letters that are listed within this article are solely based on the ancient interpretations and the ancient pictorial characters according to the Ancient Hebrew Research Center and similar linguistic archeological research. Although I do give what I have gathered from the combined meaning of words below each word and it is from a Christian perspective because they are Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic words found in Scripture. The character that represents a nail (Vav) was translated to mean tent peg, nail, hook, secure and add. I do see what you mean about how a nail could represent hard work, but this was simply not the ancient meaning of this letter and I feel it is important to view these letters in the context of the ancient writer’s mindset. In contrast, the letter Yod does represent “work” (as well as spirit, worship, create and throw.)

      I respect that you are free to derive your own interpretations of these letters in their general sense, but I must explain to you why I feel your interpretations raise some red flags when attempting to apply it to the words for God and Yeshua and insert this interpretation within Scripture. You said that the letter that represents worship within the word for God could mean how someone worships them self. Although people in general might see fit to worship themselves as their own god, it would contradict the very essence of Scripture to apply it in this way and also raises concerns for the implications of this idea. Please allow me to explain. In the book of Genesis, it explains that the first humans were in a state of blameless innocence and were without the knowledge of sin. Without this sin nature, they were able to walk in the presence of the Creator and all was perfect between them. Because there was no sin, there was no need to have rules against sin. There was but one rule only, which was not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil or they would become subject to committing sin which causes separation from God. When the Serpent tempted Eve to eat, he said to her that if they ate of this fruit, “then your eyes shall be opened, and you shall be as God…” So the first lie in Biblical history was to present the idea that these humans could be equal to God. There is but one Creator God and we are His creation. So from the Biblical mindset, when one seeks to find their inner-god and mimic the title of the one Creator, they are falling under the deception of the first lie. Indeed we have been made in God’s image and are extraordinary creatures who have a drive to create. But we could never match His perfection and excellence no matter how hard we tried. As a weak analogy, it would be like a child claiming credit for the existence of their own parents. Yet without the parents, the child would not exist.

      The second red flag (when applied to Yeshua) is your interpretation of the nail instead being representative as hard work. Indeed a nail could represent this in a general sense. But when we apply this within His name, we must see that it is through the work of Yeshua that we are saved, not any work of our own. I’m sensing that you are perhaps applying Yahweh and Yeshua as symbolic ideas rather than a physical entities; as Yahweh (God) being our inner-god and Yeshua representing a life of hard work and growth. (Please correct me if I’m wrong in assuming this.) As a physical entity, we know that Yeshua was nailed to a cross and crucified, so there’s no question that it’s pretty remarkable that a nail is found within His name. But aside from this, when applying the nail simply as “hard work,” I can’t help but think of the one major difference between Christianity and all other religious thought. Ephesians 2:8 (among other passages) states- “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.” So you see, the Scriptures proclaim that we are given salvation through an act of grace as a gift from God, NOT by an accumulation of works to get to Heaven (as other religions promote.) Our good works (like the nail being hard work from start to finish) will yield blessings and rewards in Heaven, but it will not be the means by which we get to Heaven. Rather, the one who endures in their faith until the end shall be saved. When we accept the gift of salvation which is the greatest act of love, we are compelled (or should be) to show love to others. The greatest commands that encompass all are to love God and love others. As Scripture states, “love does no harm to their neighbor, therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.” (Romans 13:10). So as Christians, we are to bear good Spiritual fruit to the world by showing this love to others. But sadly, many who profess to be Christians of this age have damaged the reputation of the truth and have caused many to flee from salvation.

      No one is worthy of being in the full presence of the perfect Creator because all have been disqualified by their sin, wether it be a speck or an ocean-full. For as it is written in Romans 3:22-25, “For there is no distinction: All have fallen short of the glory of God, and are justified by His grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus (Yeshua), whom God put forward as a propitiation by His blood, to be received by faith.” One must be perfect to experience the physical presence of God and no one is perfect but One. So just as there was one rule in the Garden of Eden, there is one way to salvation which is by receiving the saving blood of the only perfect sacrifice of Yeshua through faith. By the shedding of His perfect innocent blood as the final sacrifice, He laid down His life in our place so that any human who wants to know God may be in His perfect physical presence for eternity by believing on Yeshua as our Savior and Redeemer. Scripture teaches that our earthly bodies are under the curse of death from sin, but with the covering of the perfect blood sacrifice, we will be covered and clothed in eternal bodies and eat from the tree of life without a price.

      To me, one of the most compelling word translations that point to Yeshua as the salvation is the word “truth” (Emeth – אֱמֶת.) As a reminder, it is compromised of the first, middle and last letters of the Hebrew Alephbet, so it is all encompassing truth. Aleph represents God, Mem represents mighty and blood and Tav is a cross and represents a covenant. So all together we can see that “truth” is “God’s mighty blood covenant on the cross!” Here are some additional verses that work perfectly with this definition inserted in place of the word *truth*: “Jesus answered, ‘For this purpose I was born and for this purpose I have come into the world- to bear witness of *God’s mighty blood covenant on the cross.* Everyone who is of *God’s mighty blood covenant on the cross* listens to my voice.” (John 18:37). “For the law was given through Moses; grace and *God’s mighty blood covenant on the cross* came through Jesus Christ.” (John 1:17). “I am the way, *God’s mighty blood covenant on the cross* and the life. No man comes to the Father but by me.” (John 14:6.) “they exchanged *God’s mighty blood covenant on the cross* for a lie and worshiped created things rather than the Creator.” (Romans 1:25.) Even before His sacrifice, we can see that this applies: “Lead me in *God’s mighty blood covenant on the cross* and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation; for You I wait all the day long.” (Psalm 25:5). “Send out your light and *God’s mighty blood covenant on the cross*: Let them lead me; Let them bring me to your Holy hill and dwelling!” (Psalm 43:3). “The Lord is near to all who call on Him, to all who call on Him who are in *God’s mighty blood covenant on the cross.*” (Psalm 145:18.)

      Now I suppose one could interpret this in another way when looking at all the possible ancient meaning combinations, but when we search for meaning and can find so many things that relate back to Yeshua as the way of salvation, it becomes startling and quite compelling. (As a side note, the full possibility of ancient meanings in case you want to try to derive an alternate meaning for “truth” are: Aleph-Ox head: God, strong, power, leader. Mem-Water: mighty, blood, chaos. Tav-Cross: covenant, mark, sign, monument, signal.) Let me know if you do…

      So I would now like to encourage you to continue in study of these revelations and perhaps think outside of your own box a bit and consider that there might just be a God outside of your own inner-self who is not limited to a body, but as big as the universe itself. The Hebrew and Aramaic language reveals Holy truths within Scripture that are beyond mere coincidence. The more that I research the Scriptures, the more that I can see that proves to me that everything points back to Yeshua as the Messiah and without Him, we are helpless. The most unfortunate thing that I see in this life are the magnification of false teachers claiming to be Christian as well as violent bigots that promote hate in God’s name. Ironically, this was prophesied in Scripture to happen in the days nearing the end times. As Yeshua warned, “many false teachers will arise and lead many astray, and because wickedness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.” (Matthew 24:11,12). So as a seeker of God, I ask that you not discount Christianity because of the actions of others who do not walk in love. Continue on your quest to seek God and know that I invite you to exchange ideas as a fellow seeker of the Divine.

  6. Mary Ann sher says:

    What does the letter M in hebrew mean? Or similar to a backwards 3?

    • Hi there Mary Ann,
      The letter M in Ancient Hebrew is a picture of water and can mean water, mighty, blood or chaos. There’s a chart with all the letter meanings at the bottom of the webpage, but if you have any more questions, feel free to ask anything you’d like.
      Your sister in Christ,

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