Prop 8 and DOMA

I woke up this morning to these news stories (on the same day) and I am speechless, so watch these videos…

Translation: Gay marriage will resume in California (in July 2013) and any state with gay marriage will receive FULL marriage benefits equal to heterosexual couples.

About moanti (moe·on·tee)

My main mission of this blog is to demystify the confusion of “homosexuality” in the Bible and let the rarely heard alternative perspective be known. I also aspire to spread the loving Word of Christ to the gay and lesbian community who feel left out due to our society. I have extraordinary compassion for gays and lesbians who have struggled with religious persecution, but hope that they can come to know God as loving rather than run from Him forever due to a group of naïve heterosexual Christians who discriminated against them. I want to bridge the gap of these two groups with knowledge! If only I had a bigger podium to accomplish this… Please spread the word. Thank you and happy reading!
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