Pastor unknowingly proves that homosexuality is NOT a sin

The majority of Christians believe that homosexuality is a sin in the eyes of God due to six misunderstood passages in the Bible. How are these passages misunderstood? They are taken out of its original historical context and can be seen in a different light when you read the original Hebrew and Greek Scriptures. If you are unaware of what I am talking about, go to to read the proof that homosexuality in the Bible is not speaking of  homosexuality as a whole, but rather homosexual rape, homosexual child molestation, homosexual prostitution and homosexual rituals in idol worship. Please refrain from commenting on this page until you have become familiar with the alternative translations, lest you take this information out of context too! Thanks. 🙂

So as I was driving the other night and I turned on a Christian radio station. The Pastor started talking against homosexuality, but ironically what he said completely proved how the Bible is taken out of context on this issue. The Pastor started off by saying that the Jewish laws of marriage between a man and woman were revolutionary to the world at the time. He said that they were the first laws to limit sexual relationships between men and women only because “in the Pagan world, homosexuality was rapid and widely accepted.” If he had stopped here, it wouldn’t have proved anything, but he went on to say that “Pagan men used young boys and male slaves for sex, raped men of lower class and in battle, as well as performed homosexual sex in Pagan rituals.” He stated that “gay relationships were the norm, but not in the modern sense. They were exclusively popular between men and young boys, men and male slaves and men and shrine prostitutes.” I praised God for him stating this because he unknowingly proved that this has absolutely no relevance to gay relationships of love and commitment today.

He even started off his sermon with “long before modern gay relationships and so called ‘gay marriage,’ the pagan world was overrun with homosexuality.” Note that his definition of “homosexuality” is completely contrary to modern relationships and he admitted that they were all based in rape, child molestation, slave sex and pagan sex rituals.

I know that this Pastor did not realize that he was helping prove the point that “homosexuality” in the Bible was speaking to a group of men who misused sex in violent and idolatrous ways. The only way you could have heard this sermon and think it was exclusively anti-gay is to look at all homosexuality activity (including loving relationships) under the umbrella of sin. But as we know, you can not look at things in black and white when considering context. It would be like saying that ALL heterosexual men and ALL heterosexual women are damned to hell because there are passages against heterosexual adultery, heterosexual rape and heterosexual prostitution, etc. Not all heterosexuals commit adultery, nor do they commit rape or engage in prostitution. These sinful acts by some heterosexuals do not condemn all heterosexuals. There are major gray areas here, or at least a separation between black (evil homosexual interactions) and white (loving committed homosexual relationships).

Child molestation is a sin. Rape is a sin. Pagan rituals of any kind (sexual or otherwise) is a sin. Sex with slaves is a sin (because one unwilling participant is at the hands of a more powerful participant). But what about loving monogamous relationships? Are they also sinful? Loving monogamous relationships don’t seem to fit in the design of committing a sin as does these other hurtful and harmful behaviors.

The Pastor went on to say how the Jewish laws changed relationships as a whole. He said that Biblical marriage promotes love. Biblical marriage promoted deep relationships. He said that before these laws, women were seen as only property and the men were allowed to also have sex with their male slaves, young boys and male prostitutes. Marriage prohibited these interactions and limited sexual activity to only between your spouse rather than others, which took away promiscuous behavior. Although I believe that the marriage in Biblical culture still historically saw women as property, it did promote more love, companionship and monogamy since the men were no longer allowed to be sexually satisfied by outside sources. These are all good things. In my thoughts, God created us as human beings to love one another. If we as monogamous Christian gay couples fit into the model of a Biblical marriage, than how can this be wrong? We have love, we have monogamy, we have all the relationship building blocks that make up a heterosexual marriage and union. The only thing we don’t have is the capability to procreate naturally. That is the only difference. If that were sinful, than barren women and infertile men would be prohibited from marriage, and they are not.

So to break it down simply, lets look at the Merriam Websters dictionary definition of homosexuality: 1) of, relating to, or characterized by a tendency to direct sexual desire toward another of the same sex 2) of, relating to, or involving sexual intercourse between persons of the same sex. Now lets look at one aspect of this by looking at the definition of rapeunlawful sexual activity and usually sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat of injury against the will usually of a female or with a person who is beneath a certain age or incapable of valid consent. So to pair these things together, we have a homosexual rapist. But to have these words apart, we have one person who has love and affection towards the same gender, and one person who forces sex upon another person. There are homosexual rapists and heterosexual rapists in the world, but not all homosexuals and heterosexuals are rapists. It is the rape that makes that person at fault for sinful behavior, not their natural love of the same or opposite gender.

So I ask you to ponder these thoughts and pray for clarity and wisdom on this topic. Also pray that you are able to feel the difference between true conviction and personal repulsion. What I mean by this is that when you are repulsed by something that you would never do, sometimes it feels wrong, when really it is just not in your personal nature. Does this mean it is unnatural for everyone? Absolutely not. I don’t like onions. I refuse to eat them because they are disgusting to me. Some people love onions. Does that make them bad people because they love onions and I don’t? Of course not. As a lesbian, I am repulsed by imagining myself being intimate with the opposite gender. But does this feeling I have inside of me make heterosexuality as a whole inherently sinful? Of course not! So my point is that one must tread carefully in this topic and give it a lot of prayer, as reading these passages out of context mixed with personal repulsion can be a deadly combination and turn many gay and lesbians away from ever having a relationship with Jesus Christ. I am sure that God would not want His followers to turn away a group of potential followers because they felt they were exiled and told they had to give up who they love to be “part of the group.”

P.S. Here is a small preview of what you will find when you visit This video describes four truths about Sodom that will change your viewpoint forever! Even if you simply watch 1 minute of this video, you will suddenly come to the realization that there is way more to the story. Check it out if you want to gain wisdom:

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My main mission of this blog is to demystify the confusion of “homosexuality” in the Bible and let the rarely heard alternative perspective be known. I also aspire to spread the loving Word of Christ to the gay and lesbian community who feel left out due to our society. I have extraordinary compassion for gays and lesbians who have struggled with religious persecution, but hope that they can come to know God as loving rather than run from Him forever due to a group of naïve heterosexual Christians who discriminated against them. I want to bridge the gap of these two groups with knowledge! If only I had a bigger podium to accomplish this… Please spread the word. Thank you and happy reading!
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2 Responses to Pastor unknowingly proves that homosexuality is NOT a sin

  1. Elmer says:

    I simply do not have a problem with gay relationships but I do have a problem with your assertion that the pastor unwittingly showed that modern gay relationships are not a sin. Please note it is the argument you present not the subject matter. The point was that gay relationships in the past had constituted these unseemly aspects of rape and power dominance. He was also pointing out that no where in history was the modern conception of homosexuality or coupling up in committed relationships mimicking heterosexual relationships of marriage and domesticity exist. Lacking the historical aspects he was placing modern homosexuality outside the norm of human culture and declaring that the ancient Jews etc. were moral in establishing laws against sexual practices of dominance and rape. At least as far as same sex relationships were concerned. On the other hand they allowed dominance of women to continue. What else did you expect? Women will likely be victims of sexual dominance by men and for that matter other women.

    • Hi there Elmer,
      Sorry for the delay in response to your comment. I see where you are coming from and you are correct on what the pastor was trying to convey. The reasons that I believe he unknowingly proved that homosexuality is not sinful is due to the core of the translational and cultural arguments that give the alternative perspective that show that homosexuality is not a sin in the Bible. This is why I ask the reader to do research on the topic, or read my years of research on my website, otherwise the article I wrote can easily be taken out of context. So with a quick response without getting into the Scriptual evidence, the alternate view (or what some call “pro-gay theology”)shows that the Bible does not condemn homosexuality as a whole, but rather certain behaviors within homosexuality such as homosexual rape, homosexual prostitution, homosexual child molestation, homosexual Shrine sex rituals, etc. This is exactly what this pastor stated and makes the distinction that gay coupling was not around back then (at least on written record.) So my point was that this pastor stated all the proof that homosexuality as a whole as well as homosexual couples are not condemned in the Bible, but these particular sinful acts. To state otherwise would be like taking all the verses about adultery within marriage and saying that heterosexuality is sinful. Do you see where I am coming from? Thanks for your insightful comment. I appreciate it greatly!

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