Media Lies about Ron Paul: The Truth EXPOSED

The Mainstream Media Lies EXPOSED: Presidential Candidate Ron Paul

There have been many lies circulating around about Ron Paul recently. Some will listen to the media and believe them. Others will question it. Why is the media so afraid of Ron Paul? Because they KNOW he is the true front runner and is a threat to government control. Ron Paul wants to restore our nation to freedom! Do not listen to the lies of the mainstream media. Do your own research in search of the truth!


LIE: Ron Paul wants to legalize all drugs including heroin and crack.

TRUTH: Ron Paul has never said that he wanted to legalize all drugs. What he has said is that he would allow the states to make decisions rather than the Federal Government. It is obvious that the majority of people in a state would never vote to legalize heroin or crack. His point was that it should truly be up to the state to make decisions rather than circumvented at the Federal level. An example is the several states that have legalized the use of medical marijuana as a treatment for cancer, AIDS, etc. At this point, the Federal Government can come in to those states and arrest cancer and AIDS patients and send them to prison for using a treatment because the state and Federal law conflict. Ron Paul feels that a state’s law should be valid. This has nothing to do with heroin or crack as a treatment or recreation.

LIE: Ron Paul wants to legalize gay marriage.

TRUTH: Along the same lines, he feels that it should be up to the state to make that decision. He is not advocating that gay marriage be forced to be legalized in the U.S. He is in favor of having true freedom and letting the states govern themselves without intrusive Federal intervention. Ideally, marriage should be by church contract and the government should not control marriage (but in reality this is not the case.)

LIE: Ron Paul has a weak foreign policy.

To the contrary, Ron Paul’s foreign policy would be the most effective the U.S has seen in many years. He believes that we need to stop spending billions of dollars securing the borders of other countries and spend those resources here in the U.S to secure our own borders. He wants to go directly after terrorist organizations and stay out of unrelated countries. Many of Ron Paul’s past opponents have stated that our aggressive invasion tactics and wars in other countries have no effect on how the world sees the U.S. Could this really be true? As Ron Paul sees it, when we kick someone in the face and kill their family first, they are liable to get mad and retaliate. Our trillions of dollars spent on these wars have proved more harm than good. Killing Bin Laden was a private operation by the Black Ops. It had nothing to do with the Afghanistan or Iraq war (as it took place in Pakistan). This is an example of a more ideal situation rather than fighting with foreign military’s who have no financial capability of hurting us on our own soil. In edition, Ron Paul believes in working with other governments to capture terrorist rather than invading on their soil and killing the innocent. He would not wage wars of greed and aggression, but put America first and only use force to secure our protection and capture terrorists. In summary, Ron Paul wants to put US first and spend money more effectively by taking care of our own citizens.

LIE: Ron Paul would force the United States to make abortion illegal.

TRUTH: Just so we get something clear, anytime you see or hear the words “Ron Paul would force,” disregard them. Ron Paul is not about forcing anything, but giving freedom to the public. So about abortion. Ron Paul was a medical doctor and had to witness abortion in his medical training. He states, “It was pretty dramatic for me to see a two-and-a-half-pound baby taken out crying and breathing and put in a bucket.” With this said, Ron Paul firmly believes that life begins at conception and does not personally believe in abortion. Although he is pro-life, he does not believe that the Federal government should even have the power to ban (or legalize) abortion according to the ninth and tenth amendment in the U.S Constitution.  Therefore, the decision should be made at the state level.

LIE: Ron Paul wants to deny health care to U.S citizens.

TRUTH: Ummm, what? This one is the most perplexing to me. First before I explain his solution, I must make one thing clear. What Obama is proposing is NOT free National Health care for every citizen. To the contrary, it is FORCED National health care. Did you know that if Obama gets re-elected in 2012, we will all be forced to pay for health care and if you can not afford to pay it, you will be fined $695 a year or 2.5% of your household income (whichever is greater.) This is forced PAID health care for every citizen that Obama is imposing upon the public.  Ron Paul wants to repeal Obama Care because it is completely unconstitutional and will send our citizens further into poverty. What Ron Paul is proposing is an alternative that will actually put money into your pocket! He would change the tax code to give back any unused medical funds as a tax credit to the insured. This means that if you only went to the doctor once in a year for a simple procedure, you would receive a tax credit for any unused funds that you paid throughout the year for insurance. For those without insurance who can’t afford treatment, he recommends renewing the use of charity hospitals (actual free care, NOT paid by taxpayers like county and state hospitals.)

LIE: Ron Paul is behind in the Polls.

This is one of the biggest lies that the mainstream media has blatantly told because (in my opinion) they want a weaker candidate to run against Obama so he can win. Ron Paul has won by a landslide in the majority of Straw Polls and online polls.Note just one example below (The green section isn’t grass, it’s RON PAUL):

 for the list of polls that prove that Ron Paul is the REAL front runner in the 2012 election.

LIE: Ron Paul wants to eliminate everything when other candidates can fix it.

In Ron Paul’s new economic plan to save America, he shows proof on his website ( that he can save 1 Trillion dollars in the first year of his presidency. Some of his plan includes eliminating 5 unneeded government cabinet departments that are a massive waste of money. In a recent interview on CNN, Herman Cain stated that, unlike Ron Paul, he would “fix” rather than eliminate, but gave no solution that would prove to do so.  The cabinet departments that Ron Paul would eliminate are not only corrupt, but unpractical by design at the federal level. They are a huge waste of government spending and could be better handled at the state and private sector. Where does waste belong? In the trash! You can’t fix something that was trash from the start. You can’t take waste and paint it and put a bow on it and pretend everything is ok! In Ron Paul’s plan, he would stop these programs and allow them to be governed at the state level rather than relying on overbearing federal regulation.

LIE: Ron Paul is a racist biggot

TRUTH: Recently there has been a negative attack ad and news about some Ron Paul newsletters written in the 1980′s and 1990′s by unknown supporters of Ron Paul. One of these newsletters used an auto-signature of Ron Paul’s name which stated that the majority of African Americans in Washington DC were criminals. These newsletters were absolutely NOT written by Ron Paul himself and were written by an unknown ghost writer who was not in line with Ron Paul’s beliefs of thinking. Everything that Ron Paul stands for is equality for every race and individual. It could be taken out of context, as Ron Paul believes that too many African Americans are falsely arrested. It is obvious that this information has come out just to try to ruin his reputation right before the election. The negative attack ad was paid for by presidential candidate, John Huntsman, who got angry after Ron Paul surged above him in New Hampshire polls.

LIE: Ron Paul is un-electable.

TRUTH: Ron Paul is a 12-term U.S Congressman. He has been elected and re-elected twelve times. He is not only electable in political office, he is the real front runner in most of the Straw Polls and online Polls as mentioned above. To top it off, he is one of the only Republican candidates that have shown could win against Obama according to the most recent Harris Poll (Ron Paul 51% / Obama 49%). The sad fact is that the media has blacked him out to such an extent that when the primary election comes, many voters may believe in the lies of the media and think that he is not electable. Do not listen to the mainstream media in who they say will win. Instead, do your research and vote for a candidate that can actually make a difference! As for me, I am voting for Ron Paul! Go to   for more information on how the media controls who becomes the next president. 

Don’t forget to register or re-register as a REPUBLICAN to vote for Ron Paul! Register below:

So why should you vote for Ron Paul? Here is a very abbreviated summary about Ron Paul and some of his beliefs. Ron Paul is a 12-term U.S Congressman from Texas, a medical doctor, a former Air Force flight surgeon and author of finance. He is a Christian. Ron Paul is for less government control and a strong upholder of constitutional rights, freedom and civil liberties. He opposes “Obama Care” and would rather change the tax code to give back any unused medical funds as a tax credit to the insured (more money in your pocket!) For those without insurance who can’t afford treatment, he recommends renewing the use of charity hospitals (actual free care, NOT paid by taxpayers like county and state hospitals.) Instead of spending billions of tax dollars securing the borders of other countries, he would stop and spend it on creating stronger borders in the United States for our national security. He wants to drastically reduce your income tax, as taxed income only accounts for 1/3 of government spending and could be used in other ways. Along those lines, he wants to cut unneeded government spending. In his newly revealed plan to save our economy, he gave a set strategy to save 1 trillion dollars in his first year as president. To top it off, he pledges to take a yearly presidential salary of $39,336 (usually $400,000 annually) which is the average median income of an American worker. He will propose an audit of the Federal Reserve which currently handles government money in secrecy. Additionally, he wants to use more earmarks so that we know where every penny of government money is being spent so that it can not be misused. He wants to eliminate the upcoming National ID card which will embed “standard identifiers” and tracking technology into all citizens drivers licenses. He is for more privacy and less government intervention. He believes many controversial decisions should be made at the state level (gay marriage, etc.) and the federal government should stay out of those decisions, giving the decision up to the local people. In his 20+ years in congress, he has been consistent in never voting for higher taxes, never voting for an unbalanced budget, never voting for raising congressional pay and voting against an increase of power in the executive branch. Lastly, Ron Paul believes that we should “stop policing the world” and instead focus on taking care of our own citizens by making US the top priority. He would not wage wars of greed and aggression, but put America first and only use force to secure our protection. Read more about Ron Paul and his revolutionary ideas at:

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9 Responses to Media Lies about Ron Paul: The Truth EXPOSED

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  3. “There is only one terminal dignity – love.” ~ Helen Hayes

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  6. ShadoAngel says:

    I’m a huge fan of Ron Paul and am donating to the campaign as often as I can. I agree with most of what you said. I was just going to point out that online polls are incredibly unreliable if you’re trying to determine actual election results. People can vote more than once and Ron Paul supporters are both *passionate* and tend to be younger, which means they’ll interact online more. Most of the “real” polls published are calls to landlines to registered voters. That group is going to be much older is going to vote more establishment. I don’t think they’re incredibly reliable either.

    Also straw polls are taken place at events by political activists. Paul wins a lot of the straw polls because he’s *present* and *speaking* at the poll event. His supporters also tend to be more politically active than the average joe. It is just my opinion that the polls Paul wins are biased towards him, just as the traditional over-the-phone polls are biased away from him. Both political activists *and* the old establishment fogies are going to vote, along with brand new younger Paul supporters.

    I suppose my overall point is that I think he’s doing a lot better than the mainstream media gives him credit for, but I’m convinced that he’s way out in front.

    All the more reason to BLACK THIS OUT on Oct. 19.

    Keep doing what you’re doing,

    - ShadoAngel

  7. Hey ShadoAngel,
    Thanks for your insight. I guess you could be correct about the Straw Polls because he tends to speak at the events (although so do some other candidates), but I just wanted to reassure you that all of the online votes I posted here are from sources that do not let you re-vote. Although the online polls are not scientific, these are superior to the ones that allow you to repeat your vote and as you can notice, Ron Paul won by a landslide. As far as what you said about the “old establishment fogies,” I agree with you that those polls are way biased against Ron Paul. I would LOVE for the Gallup to call me up and ask me my opinion (I am under 35), but no such call has ever been made… I am still waiting. In the mean time, get the word out for Ron Paul! We as supporters are the ones with the power to make a difference!

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